Monday, November 17, 2014

Design Idea: Decorate Your Stairs









I mentioned a few days ago how excited I was to finally have a staircase to decorate for Christmas. I know, seems a little silly. But, I have always enjoyed seeing how people decorate their staircases for the holidays, so I am excited to be able to do it myself this year. As luck would have it, looks like I really enjoy the real and natural look to the garland. I'm quite sure that is the expensive stuff. You know, the kind you don't have to cover up with a million ornaments and bows. So if anyone has the lowdown on nice garland that isn't outrageous go ahead and let me know, pretty please! Ps- my favorite look of all of the above is the last one. I love those pretty bows. Not sure that will be the look I go for with a tricky bookcase/tv cabinet underneath but it sure is a beauty!

And, don't forget to link up with us tomorrow for the first linkup of My Favorite Things. An awesome way to get some ideas flowing for Christmas...I love seeing other roundups for gift guides. Such a great way to scour the internet for deals/items I may not ever see!  


Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

Oh my gosh all of these are perfect but I especially love that first photo!!

pam {simple details} said...

Can't wait to see yours, Katie! Decorating stairs heading to the basement isn't quite the same! :(

Jennifer Miller said...

SO pretty!! They are all just lovely! I know what you mean, stairway decorating just feels warm & cozy kind of Christmas! Looking for a good greenery as well :)

Mree said...

Oh so pretty! I wish I had a staircase to decorate.

A Peachy Sonder said...

All of these photos make me wish I had a staircase to decorate! They are so festive and lovely. Thank you for sharing!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

These are all so pretty and would be perfect in your newly made over room!