Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Not So Green Smoothie

A little late to the party, but I finally gave the green smoothie a go! 

I followed this diagram....

(I had a hard time sourcing this correctly)

And picked the following to try for the first time:

-Vanilla Nonfat Yogurt

The verdict:
Loved the way it tasted!
The color, not so pretty. In fact, it wasn't green at all. I followed the proportions correctly but I think the raspberries changed the color. I couldn't believe how there are 2 cups of hidden spinach in there. Totally can't even tell in the slightest. I would have a hard time eating 2 whole cups of spinach in a salad, so this is major! I just prefer my salads in smaller portions, I don't love to eat a gigantic salad.

The second day I made the smoothie I upped the spinach a little and went a little less on the raspberries and yogurt. I actually preferred it this way (and the color was a little more green!) I kept Stephen's with more raspberries since he was still a little uneasy he was having a "salad fruit smoothie" for breakfast.

 My only concern is that it seems rather expensive compared to my usual breakfast! That breakfast, as in cereal, granola, yogurt etc. We got 4 smoothies out of one bag of frozen raspberries, one container of spinach, one large container of yogurt, and one bundle of bananas (with a few to spare). Any tips on that? Do you make green smoothies and what is your favorite combo?


Arielle said...

yum! I am going to have to turn into a smoothie lover

In the Pink said...

I always get so annoyed at how few smoothies you can make with a bag of frozen berries! I love smoothies too but you're right, they can get expensive. I think next summer I want to stock up on fresh berries anytime there's a sale and just freeze them seems like it might be a more cost-effective option.

Brooke said...

I make a green smoothie every morning. I use two handfuls of spinach, one banana, one date, one scoop almond butter, few dashes of cinnamon, splash of almond milk and a handful of ice. SO good.

Lindsey said...

We often buy frozen spinach, kale, etc to save. I make them for our 1 year old with almond milk and other fruits she hasn't eaten in the first day or 2 of buying them. Might want to try Costco or SAMs for the frozen berries and desperate what you need in freezer bags. Also I think yogurt is a little thick with all the frozen stuff so we stick with almond milk, but we sometimes mix it as use it as a topping on Greek yogurt for a change if pace.

Lindsey said...

Separate not desperate 😩

Calypso In The Country said...

So far my kids have hated every healthy smoothie I have tried making. I am going to try your combo and keep my fingers crossed!

emily said...

i love green smoothies but it definitely depends on the combo of greens & fruit & protein. I make one with a handful of spinach, OJ, frozen fruit (i get a big bag of tropical frozen fruit from target) and no fat greek yogurt. there's something with the oj & spinach that apparently increases the nutrients or something.. it's actually really good!