Thursday, June 13, 2013

Katie's Kitchen

Katie's Kitchen

It's no secret I don't mind spending time in the kitchen. I believe a kitchen should be fun and functional. If you open our drawers and cabinets you will find plenty of colorful gadgets and bowls. Nothing is too streamlined here! These are a few of my favorite tools that make cooking and baking fun for me.

The Garlic Press was a stocking stuffer a few years ago and gets the job done, it's so nice to have on hand. 
If you've never had popcorn freshly popped from a Whirley Pop, you are really missing out. 
We have been using these Silicone Prep Bowls all the time lately, they are perfect for chopped veggies to divide and toss into salads. 
My Toss and Chop Salad Chopperhave gotten tons of use lately and make your salads pretty! 
A wedding gift favorite, our Le Creuset French Oven is such a nice piece of cookware. Nice cookware absolutely makes a difference in my mind. 
For perfectly shaped cookies, you must use a Cookie Scoop like this one. 
And most importantly, you must have a good Wine Opener and Wine Bottle Stoppers.  I love the colorful Rabbit brand! 

What are your kitchen favorites?


megan said...

Call me crazy, but I actually noticed the other day how pretty your lettuce was on your salad post! haha, now I know your secret! :)

Nancy said...

Hi Katie! Hope you and the family are doing great! I'm a Pampered Chef fan- and Williams Sonoma= all great products.
xo Nancy

In the Pink said...

I love that cookie scoop, I just used it this morning!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Oooh, I really need a garlic press! I put garlic in just about everything but hate chopping it!