Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Where You Can Find Me

You're looking at the very first photo of yours truly, with her now husband {pictured on the far right}. That's him with his arm around my best friend- the night she introduced us! The story of how we met is pretty funny to me. It was Halloween and a couple friends and I dressed up and went to our very favorite bar. Once my girl friend Seldon {pictured above} and I got there, we began taking as many fun pictures as possible with everyone in costumes at the bar. These two Nascar guys were the very first ones. I thought I had grabbed simply the best dressed guys in the bar, but it turns out they were actual friends of Seldon! The next day, that guy on the right added me as a friend on facebook. I commented to Seldon that the "random Nascar guy" had added me as a friend and she told me that she in fact, knew him really well and that he was a great friend- one that I had always heard about. How I missed that, I do not know. Must have been my cat ear headband. After that we began to hang out all the time. The rest they say, is history.

I know you love our cat woman-Nascar-britney spears photo! Seriously, what was I thinking with that face? I mean, seriously. haha. This was absolutely shown at our rehearsal dinner slideshow and our friend Alan {also pictured above next to me} notoriously signed our guest book 8  > 24, as seen on his t-shirt.

For more details on our l-o-v-e, head on over to my guest post at A. Liz Adventures! Thanks for having me be a part of your series in honor of your anniversary April! 


Nat said...

Haha love that pic! Great story for how you two met- it's funny how life works out that way.

Amber said...

This picture is TOO funny! Definitely put a smile on my face.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Heheh, I love it! What a fun story!