Thursday, January 31, 2013

Baby Clothing: Target

I would've never noticed before, but let me tell you...there are infinitely more baby girl clothes out there than baby boy! Any boy Mom will tell you the same thing. However, all in all, I really have not had a hard time finding enough cute baby clothes for our little boy. Just check out his closet.

I will be sharing as I go along my favorites {before and after baby}, and I wanted to mention Target first: they are having a huge baby sale (so convenient since I already own all of these!). You might notice some of the onesies that were in yesterday's post. My sister did some serious work in scouting the cutest onesies out there from Target.

 I have to say that initially I wasn't all that impressed the first time I browsed through Target's baby boy section. The colors, prints and styles were all wrong for my boy. I like sweet and cute, he is a baby after all. Since then, I found a few things by the Burt's Bee's collection, which is really great quality and available online only. Most of my onesies from the shower were Circo and I love those equally!

Target Baby Boy
Circo Three Pack Bodysuits / 
 Burts Bees Boat Onesie / Circo Srubbie and Washcloth Set / 
Zutano BLUE Dog Bodysuit / Carters Socks

And since I can't forget all my baby girl Mommas, I browsed the Tar-jay girls section just for you too. Don't get me started on the little girls swimsuits. I would have a serious problem if I was having a girl because the swimsuits are just too precious!

Target Baby Girl


Mrs. Type A said...

oh my goodness- that baby girl swimsuit is to die for! So adorable!!

Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

I know what you mean.. when Nick was born (almost 10 whole years ago!) It was really hard to find CUTE boy clothes, even then girl clothes were everywhere. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't exciting about buying everything girl this time around. But I love all those little Target onsies. I've picked up quite a few there over the past weeks. Can never have to many of them!

Katie said...

You are so right! I find I have to search a lot more for our little man's clothing. Gap, Old Navy and Carters are our staples but also been known to do some damage at Target and Janie and Jack also! But our son is now eight months and I now can't picture myself buying anything pink or polka dotted! Good luck it is so fun getting ready for your little one's arrival. I am really enjoying reading along!

The Disney line at Target is adorable!

xoxo Katie

Unknown said...

oh i love it all!

Heidi {Tales From a Suburban Housewife} said...

I agree with you it is hard to shop for boys. I think Nordstroms has a pretty good selection. I also like Jack and Janie. I tell ya I shop for my little guy all the time and I still think he has nothing to wear!

Sara Cate said...

It's on my to-do list to go to Target this weekend for the baby sale! These sweet baby outfits are so cute too.

eas said...

Love target! My faves for everyday items are gap, old navy and gymboree. I always see cute boy stuff at janie and jack on super clearance but that doesn't help me with two girls.

Unknown said...

i have two boys & i can luck up at Target on occassion, but i have found that paying a little bit more $$ for an item at local boutiques has been the way to go ! their things are usually classic baby sweet and what i bought for my first stayed in great condition for my second child :)

Nat said...

I went to Target right after we found out it was a boy and felt so deflated because the girls stuff was everywhere and so cute- those little bathing suits kill me!
Now that I've been back again and really looked there there is just as much cute boy stuff, you just have to look harder.

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

I have always swooned over baby clothes! Love that blue striped onesie!