Monday, April 30, 2012

Guest Post: Sarah from Simply Sarah

hey there Miss Dixie readers!
I'm Sarah and I blog over at simply sarah.

I have the most adorable pup, 
Toby Jack (I may be a bit biased)

and I love me some margaritas

I was thrilled when Katie asked me to guest post for her while her little booty was on vacay!
She is one of the sweetest girls I've met and her blog is definitely one of my daily reads.
While she's soaking up some sun in the Bahamas, I figured I'd share some of my fitness goals and inspiration with y'all.

I'm currently in the first week of what I am calling 'bikini bootcamp.'
In just under a month, I have to fit my not-so-little booty into a bikini.
Fear itself is what is motivating me to get my workout on.

First thing I did was create a plan.

It's not a super hard plan....but it does require me to be more disciplined.
I already workout on a regular basis but I'm adding sprints into my routine to help shed the pounds faster. I'm also cutting out some of my favorite foods we'll see how long that lasts.

I found this awesome site the other day while on Pinterest.
42 Ways to Lose Stomach Fat Fast

uhhh, sign me up!!
I love this site because it's actually realistic steps that you can take instead of crash dieting and taking pills. Trust me, I've tried those. I've incorporated 5-7 of these steps into my week 1 plan and then I'll add some new ones next week.

My 5 steps this week-

* Drink lots of water - I do this all day at work anyway so it's not a big change
* Cut out fast food/soda/sweets - I don't really eat a lot of fast food but I eat mexican a lot! And fro yo....and sweet tea. So that stuff has got to go if I wanna get in bikini shape in a month.
I eat fro yo like a 5 year what?!

* Don't starve- I'm famous for not eating during the day and then binging at night. I learned on day 1 that I have to eat during the day or I won't have enough energy to get my workout on
* Drink a full glass of water before meals - this actually does work to make you less hungry.

* Give yourself 20 minutes to feel full after meals

Easy enough :)
So now it's your turn to share what you've done to get bikini ready.
I need some more tips!!

Thanks for having me!!
I hope you'll stop by and say hi :)


April of Smidge Of This said...

Great post!

I always am able to trim down by having smaller dinners and reducing my wine intake (eek). Losing a few isn't the easiest thing to accomplish, but the healthy feeling I get when I do is so worth it!

Hilary said...

I'm so happy I haven't found good froyo near me...that would be bad. Those margs look great...I can't wait to be in Mexico on Thurs - which means I only have like 2 days to 'crash diet' :) THANKS! [New follower]

Elsha said...

k love love love all of the pictures! cant wait to read more of your blog! xo

Hilliary Meisner said...

This is such a great plan! Love Sarah's blog, thanks for sharing!

Ariane said...

Great plan! It sounds like you'll be bikini-ready in no time!