Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Master Bathroom Makeover + PRIME finds!

If you have ever thought that I have decorating ADD then you are most definitely correct. I jump around all the time and I really never make decisions until it feels right or I am SO ready for it. I got that cue on Wednesday morning after being away at the beach for almost a week. I just couldn't deal with our bathroom anymore.

Let's backtrack and fill you in on our bathroom. It is not your spacious master that you see in bathrooms these days. Our house was built in '89 just as master baths really started to be a thing. Unfortunately, our house missed that boat! There is a separate room for the shower and toilet with a door, and then a single vanity with a large sink, three drawers, a cabinet and a hamper. It was definitely one of the drawbacks to the house, but of course not a deal breaker since here we are. Did I mention the carolina blue/white chevron wallpaper surrounding the sink? Our kids however, have the largest bathroom in the house, which I am so envious of! In case you missed when we moved in, we are in love with this house- but none of them are perfect.

Now that you are up to speed on the looks of the current bathroom, let's fast forward to my birthday in November of 2016. I asked for basically, a bathroom makeover for our master- all of the pretty parts at least. Those pretty little brass fixtures have been tucked away just waiting for their moment to come out to shine. Please don't ask why they have been sitting in the closet..it has something to do with half painted walls and chevron wallpaper.

Right now, we are knees deep in a garage/breezeway and patio addition, and I knew my patient husband might lose his marbles if I asked for a complete bathroom reno anytime soon. That is fine, because I really am not up for it either. But, when I came home from the beach last week I was ready to strip some wallpaper and make this thing decent. To get you up to speed completely, I have stripped the wallpaper (my first time ever on my own! I was nervous!), painted the walls, and Stephen has installed all the new bath hardware (towel hooks, TP, etc).

I have ordered the mirror and cabinet hardware, but the mirror is on backorder for several more weeks. Darn. It's right up my alley in bamboo 😍 I want to give the trim a fresh coat of paint, as well as the vanity, and install a new window shade.

bathroom makeover

If I'm being honest, sometimes these are my favorite kind of projects when you can really make something out of nothing with out any major work. I'll get into details at a later time on our future plans for a bathroom reno, which involves moving walls, tiling, new shower etc. This makeover is purely cosmetic this time around! Can't wait to show you guys some progress!

As most of you probably know...it's Prime Day! This is the one day a year Amazon hosts a huge sale on thousands of items and the deals can be incredible. Everyone has their own thing they are looking for so I won't go into too much detail. But, I can tell you my Prime membership is worth its weight in gold for items that I don't want to have to run out for or are hard to find. Warning- your husband will probably complain with the amount of Amazon packages that tend to arrive weekly! The deals will change throughout the day and I am not totally sure how the pricing strategy works. So, just keep looking! Here are a few things I found: This wet brush set is perfect! Weeks and I both use them and I'm getting this set to throw in the diaper bag, boat bag, etc. This top is adorable. Love the fun print. I ordered this dress for $35! A $255 dress that I scored for $55! This dress is so pretty and feminine.

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