Thursday, December 15, 2016

What's on my Christmas List?

Holy moly! How is Christmas next week? I knew the month of December would fly but I didn't think it would go at such lightning speed. We are finally settling down into the house {bless!}, have decorated a tree, I am able to locate my hair dryer and straightener on a daily basis {when I even need those two items, ha!} and have even cooked a few pretty good meals. There was about a week there where it was pretty crazy and I could not wait for a sense of normalcy. I know this move in phase is short lived and I'm trying to get past the clutter and craziness by embracing sweet moments with these kiddos, even if they are simple and in reality, just the way they should be!

I definitely promised y'all some gift guides. Well here I am. I am your last minute girl. I am pulling together things that are currently in stock {as I post!} to help with any last minute purchases. We do still have a solid 7 days of business day shipping before the big day, afterall! Any requests? Leave them in the comments.

For today, I thought I would round up the items that I have asked for. My family, husband, siblings etc all have circulating lists throughout the holidays and these are some of the items that made my list this year. If you are like me you want everything {of course} but when it comes down to it, it's really hard to "ask" for something. Well these made my list, maybe they will make your last minute list too!

Everyone's favorite earring style this year. I'm not totally sold on most of the colorways I have seen but I totally love this one! It is elegant but fun. Could see it daytime to work or night time for a party!

I love being able to branch out of winter colors via Lilly Pulitzer. This turquoise silk is perfect and I love the fun touch with the shoulders!

Basically, this is the type of shirt I live in so of course I could use another. I asked for the navy, but the red is adorable! 

I sing praises of Ugg slippers every year! I'm due for a new pair and I'm asking for this style to try something new. I live in Ugg slippers and boots while I am around the house in the winter! You can find me cooking dinner, walking the dogs, doing laundry...anything and everything.

Love this pretty cooler to keep your wine cold! My parents have a marble one they use all the time and I realized we don't have anything like it.

Call me crazy, but I want to add another stroller to our list! I need a double jogger and this one fits budgets and in doorways, ha! Anyone have any feedback on it?

A winter staple that I can see myself wearing as much as my Uggs! 

We gutted our master closet and Stephen installed hanging rods and shelves for our clothing. We have yet to do anything for shoes, bags, accessories and I would love to go the professional route. In our last house we transformed our closet with Ikea systems and I LOVED it. Only problem is, we aren't making a trip to Ikea anytime soon. Instead, I am happy to take advantage of this solution! Any tips are welcome!

What made your list this year?


Chelsea said...

I would love to hear how you like that stroller if you get it :) Chelsea @

Owen Davis @ Davis Duo said...

Dying for a pair of Ugg slippers!! And love those earrings too!

agalandherdog said...

I had the Joovy Scooter in the single and loved it. The basket underneath is huge and it was so easy to maneuver. It was tricky to fold, so I eventually went for the Baby Jogger City Micro.