Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Apps

We had our little work party last night and we had just the perfect amount of food. I brought an appetizer tray, themed with a Christmas tree! I know you've probably seen the Christmas tree shaped veggie/cheese/meat tray, and I had too. I decided not to be "pinterest perfect" and just buy what I wanted on my tray and put it together on one of my large cutting boards!

My grocery list included: pre-sliced gouda cheese, pre-sliced sharp cheddar cheese, sliced sopressata, red grapes, 2 english cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, ranch seasoning packet and sour cream (for dipping). Sometimes it is such a relief to not have to be referring to a pinterest link to make something- am I right?

It was just the right amount of snacks and turned out pretty cute too. My tips: buy everything pre-sliced that you can! I cut my veggies around 4:00 and put them in ziploc baggies. When I arrived at the party all I had to do was arrange it on the cutting board, which took a few minutes. {Side note- this cutting board is very similar to mine, ours has a "C" on it to make it a little more personal. It would make a great last minute gift for someone that has everything! I also love this handled cutting board!}We love our veggies with a ranch dip, so I brought that as well. I bought an organic ranch packet and mixed it with the sour cream several hours ahead of time so it had time to blend the flavors ahead of serving.

I also brought one of my favorite dips- Cheesy Hearts of Palm Dip from Laura at the Reedy Review. I can't sing the praises of this dip enough and I can assure you it was devoured. For some reason, I think it makes a great Christmas app. This is the second time I have made it around the holidays and it has been a hit both times! If you are a fan of artichoke dip {raising my hand} then you will love this one!

What are your easy go-to apps for holiday parties?


Unknown said...

This is such a cute idea and I love how you can take it all and then assemble it on the spot!

Erin, Attention to Darling

KatiePerk said...

This looks adorable! I am making stuffed mushrooms for a work party tomorrow night. I am always looking for a good dip recipe! Thanks for sharing that one too.

Nat said...

What a cute idea, I must remember this for next year's Christmas parties!

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