Monday, April 20, 2015


Oh yes, I was definitely drinking the Kool Aid...the Lilly Kool Aid that is, yesterday morning! I actually went to bed, not even thinking about it. I happened to wake up about 3 AM {I tend to wake up during the night, blame it on having a child I guess!?} but I can usually put myself back to sleep by scrolling pinterest for a few minutes {bad habit I know}. Last night, big mistake, I caught wind of the Lilly for Target release going on at that very moment. To make a long story short, I ended up purchasing a few things, that I didn't even think I had purchased. I got an "error" message and then when I checked my email later, I had an order confirmation! Crazy. I really wanted some of the home items over the clothing, but I wasn't able to luck out with those. They wouldn't add them to my cart, probably because half of the female population was doing the same thing.

We were in Asheville, NC for the weekend and had to hit the road early. Needless to say, sitting in a parking lot in the rain was not in our cards {can you imagine your husband doing that before a seven hour drive?} I'm still hoping they will release some more things. I've always loved me some Lilly, 
can't help it.

And if you, by chance, get your Lilly paws on some extras...I will be happy to take them off your hands. But being real, I am not messing with that triple price stuff being jacked up on ebay. No thanks! Is that not SO frustrating...those people taking entire racks of stuff. Taking the fun out of it for everyone! Here is what I really wanted:

Hope y'all had better luck than me! Seriously though, when will companies learn to prepare, stock well and have their internet working at max potential! Oh well...setting my sights on better and more important things for the week. And I hope no one is TOO sad over the Lilly {letdown} for most people. We've got lots to do and have another busy week and weekend ahead. Happy Monday! 


Samma said...

Sometimes when things are so hypoed up, I just have the flight mechanism kick in- I stayed far far far away.

miss andrea lee said...

I was the first one at my little store in CA. And it was totally crazy! But I was going to return the barware set this morning.. I'd be happy to send it to you if you want :)

Jennifer Miller said...

True! So thankful to enjoy another peaceful Sunday with my family and not the madness for things that really weren't that great. Saw some product today and disapointing quality. Aka: I don't think you missed out :) Chose the better portion!