Friday, December 12, 2014

Shopping for the men in your life...

I don't know about you, but all I'm thinking about is crossing gifts off my shopping list. Who is left? Well, Stephen hasn't given me a ton of gift ideas this year so I have resorted to going out on my own. But, I did pull together this list. I believe most men could find something they would love on this list. Stephen is a big fan of J.Crew shirts- these are all so handsome. Everyone deserves a pair of Ugg slippers- am I right? The duffel bag would make travelling easy and stylish {since men are obv worried about that!}. One thing the hubs asked for was a pair of sunglasses- what do you think about these honey? We have this speaker in our bathroom and are completely obsessed with it, making it so easy to stream music from our phones. We also have this speaker in our kitchen {Stephen's last birthday gift} and use it almost every single day. So worth it! Last but not least, I bought these personalized beer mugs for Stephen last Christmas, along with both of our Dads. On Stephen's I put our last name and the year we were married in the established blank. I think everyone loved them! I know for a fact the ones in our house get some great use ;) 

Lots of these items are on sale today so make sure to check the links and sites for specials!
....And I'm back to shopping- enjoy your weekend!! 

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