Thursday, August 7, 2014

Design Idea: Going Dark

Exciting news- we are onto painting the den. I have spent so many nights painting the never ending trim and paneling in this room and I am happy to wash my hands of that job. We even have a coat of primer on our exposed brick wall! Since we have SO much white in there, I want to contrast it with a dark grey wall. Here are some of my inspiration pictures.

I think this shade would work really nice, as well as the overall relaxed feel of this room.

We've all drooled over this bedroom, right? So gorgeous.

And impeccable styling on these bookshelves by Dimples and Tangles

Here is a peak at the brick wall and shelving. It's a mess, I know. Complete with the light hanging from the ceiling. But now you know where we are headed.

And my current list of design ideas, if you missed them:


melissa said...

A dark wall would look great! I was nervous to go dark in the nursery but we just did it and I love it. Now I'm tempted to go dark in our dining room too!

megan said...

Loving all of these inspiration pics, especially 2 & 3! My parents dining room is painted navy blue and it is gorgeous!

Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

This is going to look fabulous! Love the #3 and #4 inspiration picks! Cannot wait to see the space!