Tuesday, August 26, 2014

$20 Challenge Round 1

Morning! Did everyone have a good weekend? Just checking in to let y'all know that I didn't forget about my $20 Challenge. We did go out of town last week for a long weekend and so not much was done. But we have been working on several projects here and there around the house and being mindful of our spending. It feels good! Right now I am enjoying sprucing up some fun decor items....

Serena + Lily Lookalike Basket
 I found this basket on major sale (around $5) a few weeks ago at Michaels. I pretty much collect baskets like these. I have them everywhere and they are my favorite for coralling toys. I thought I would spruce this one up with a royal blue, like my favorite Serena + Lily baskets. (Blue is no longer available). I simply taped off the bottom for a straight edge, and then covered the top with plastic bags. I bought the Krylon mini spray paint (30% off at Hobby Lobby) for a few dollars. So easy I don't know why I'm mentioning my method here :)

I haven't quite decided what I will use it for. It might be for paper towels or toys that sit in the kitchen near the high chair.

Here it is in the pantry. Did I ever mention how nice it is to have a pantry? Our last house was with out and it was not fun. 

Ottoman Facelift
I got this ottoman a few years ago at the Antique Barn in Asheville. If you visit Asheville, you must check this place out. It is like a gigantic warehouse full of antiques and furniture. I got it for Stephen's office in the old house, but now it is in the living room. I originally liked the cowskin seat cover, but it had a tear that kept on getting worse. And it didn't fit in with our living room anymore.

First, I had to remove the old cowskin which was really gross. It had deteriorated underneath and was really dusty. I thought I was going to have to get Stephen to pull out the nailed in tacks, but I was able to accomplish that myself. I then took it outside for a fresh coat of paint. I spent $5 on my new favorite spraypaint- Black Lacquer - to give it a glossier, modern finish. It looked rather rustic before.  I bought the ikat fabric (I'm a fabric hoarder) in July, with out knowing if it was going to be for pillows or the ottoman.

I am still finishing attaching the new fabric with nail heads (I ran out last night!) but I am so excited about the new look. I will show the finished ottoman in the room soon!

Have a great Tuesday :)


Annie {Home of Malones} said...

Love that basket!! You were so smart to mimic the S&L baskets. There are so many uses for those when you have kids (and even when you don't) that I could use about 40 of them. They are surprisingly so expensive though at places like Target, PB, Ballards, etc. Great find!

melissa said...

Great makeovers! Would you mind sharing where you found the nailhead trim? I'm having a hard time finding something in that shade - I am only finding silver and brass finishes. I was going to spray one of them the right shade but those look perfect!

Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

Love both of these!!! xoxo