Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sunday Dinners

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on our Charleston trip. We really, really enjoyed it and it's the perfect weekend trip for a couple. I completely forgot to mention our hotel! We stayed at the Renaissance and were so pleased with the stay. It was just shy of being on King Street which gave us the advantage of not being in the hustle and bustle, but being so close to the main attractions. It was also on a quieter side street which was nice to return to each evening. The hotel staff was great and it was wonderful hotel quality for a smaller, boutique size hotel. 

Anyway, back to our Sunday dinners. We love making something good on Sunday, especially something hearty or that can cook late in the afternoon. That is the best! I know once it warms up for good we will be spending our time grilling instead, so it's nice to enjoy these kinds of meals right now. The good news is- even though these are typically hearty dinners - they are light versions. It just so happens we made italian two weeks in a row. That usually doesn't happen, but I'm happy to have new things for a dinner rotation. PS- Sorry ahead of time for really bad iphone pics.

First up, Turkey Meatballs. The sauce recipe literally blew my mind. Are you ready for this? Ok, it is one bottle of ketchup and one beer. That. is. it. I mean, I am still not over that. I was a little scared but so intrigued, so we made it and it was really...pretty good. How crazy!? Good to know. You cook your turkey meatballs in the sauce though, so it does have a nice flavor. I froze half of the uncooked meatballs to make another time which is always so nice. We used egg noodles {find them in the freezer section} and were so good. 

Next up, cauliflower pizza! My sister recommended this version by Paula Deen and it is a keeper. We fancied it up and did Fig/Prosciutto on one side and margerita on the other. No guilt from pizza on this night! 

Do y'all do it up big for Sunday dinners?


Alexa said...

Oh yum! Love a good homemade pasta for Sunday dinner.

Jessica Osborne said...

I really want to try cauliflower pizza crust. Seems so good and makes pizza healthier.

Delta Daisies said... of those things look AH-MAZING!