Monday, February 10, 2014

Angel Food Cupcakes + Heart Toppers

My sweet tooth got the best of me a few weeks ago and we ended up having such a nice little after dinner treat. I had picked up a box of Funfetti Angel Food Cake, made according to package instructions and then topped them with fat free Cool Whip. For the Cool Whip, I put a few spoonfuls in a plastic bag and cut the tip off so I could "pipe" it on them instead of using a knife. I also only topped with Cool Whip when we were ready to eat, instead of topping them all ahead of time and refrigerating. 

I am sort of obsessed with Angel Food Cupcakes now because they are just the right size and so low in calories and fat! There are endless options for Angel Food too, in the summer add a strawberry or peach. Drizzle with chocolate. Or top with sprinkles!

Funfetti makes everything better!

I've got a big stash of straws from various occasions that I cut down to size, and added a heart cut out of glitter scrapbook paper with a dab of glue. So easy y'all, but so cute!

And since I'm trying to get rid of my hoarders stash of straws, I cut some more hearts for straws to place on our bar cart until our next mixed drink. Ok, I doubt Stephen will use one, but I sure will :)


Carolina Charm said...

I love angel food cake AND cupcakes, so I'll definitely be trying these out! Great pics too, friend! xo

Sarah O said...

How did I not know that there is Funfetti Angel Food Cake. I need to find this mix ASAP!

pam {simple details} said...

Such a cute little treat Katie!! I LOVE the glitter hearts!

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

These are adorable!!!!!! Great job!

Jodi said...

So festive!