Monday, April 15, 2013

Little Boys/Little Girls

How was everyones weekend? We took our first real road trip with baby and I'm so glad it went smoothly. He did great in the car and slept pretty much the entire time. You can't ask for much more right? I did a little shopping here and there, updates coming soon. Speaking of shopping, little man has a closet full of clothes but I still can't get enough of new baby clothes!

When it comes to dressing my baby, I am very much a traditional one: I love everything smocked, bubbles and jon jons. Kissy Kissy might take up 2/3 of his closet. However, I think its a teeny bit tempting to dress him like a little man, specifically from these things from Zara. I mean, those baby jeans might be the cutest thing next to my baby smiling at me. Ok, the jeans are being ordered and I can't wait for him to wear them to a football game in the fall!

Zara Little Boy

And, if I had a little girl I guarantee you she would wear a shade of pink every single day. Maybe even five shades of pink a day. But, again, a twist on the traditional is fun too. A baby denim dress and peplum sweater? Yes, yes, yes.

Zara Little Girl

Have you purchased any baby items from Zara? I did get sidetracked into the women's shoe section as well. That's a totally different post though! 

Happy shopping :)


Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

oh my gosh, that fedora? adorable! I remember Nick had one when he was little and I loved it (especially on our weekend trips to the beach) He's all going through this "jock" stage now and won't let me pick out his clothes anymore unless it has football or under armour written on it:( At least I'll have a baby girl to dress up for awhile, right?!

pam {simple details} said...

Brings back memories, Katie! I had so much fun dressing my boy, enjoy before he has an opinion! :)

rachel said...

I love Baby Zara! Your outfits are adorable. Have you checked out the baby section at H&M?? They have such cute stuff for the little guys and SO cheap!

Nat said...

I haven't check out Zara yet! I'm pretty traditional too when dressing a baby but I'm going to have to give Zara a peek

Valerie Griffin said...

So cute!

Courtney said...

I never think about Zara for the kids but how cute!!