Thursday, November 8, 2012

November Planning

My friend Pam from Simple Details posted on this last week and I thought it was the perfect way to kick start my holiday planning. Sometimes you just need to see a list to realize what you have waiting to be done! Check it out and see if you want to play along! I've mentioned where I'm at on the list in bold italic.
Twelve Things to do this November in preparation for Christmas: 
1. A really deep clean. Prepare your home for Christmas decorating by getting things spiffy clean. During the busyness of December you will be able to get by with just some maintenance cleaning. 
Yes, we do have a cleaning lady that visits our home every three weeks. Let me tell you how much that is worth: a lot. The price is very low for the sanity I gain. However, I do touch ups the weeks she is not here. It's a must.

2. Get a Christmas photo taken. Whether it's for your Christmas cards, gifts for the grand parents or just for your own records, now is the time to get a family photo taken. If you want to get them done professionally and haven't booked your photographer yet, you may want to do that right now!
I'm not sure what route we will go this year: I need to decide quick if we are going to do a Christmas photo though- before my cheeks are chubby! ;)

3. Go to the Salon. Dye your hair, get your eyebrows waxed, do whatever cosmetic things you like to do but won't have a lot of time for during the Christmas rush.
Appointment is booked for the first week of December. Done and done.


4. Finish up any home decor projects that are hanging over your head.
That's probably not going to happen! We always have something going on, especially this year with a nursery in the works!

5. Buy Christmas outfits for the whole family. Get this out of the way before the malls fill with frantic shoppers. Don't forget that you need something elegant to wear to your Christmas festivities too!
We probably won't need any particular outfits- but I might be buying some new shoes mentioned earlier this week!

6. Set the date for any holiday parties you would like to host and try to send out invites one month prior to the date of the party.
Besides an engagement party, we aren't hosting any this year. Done! 

7. Stock the pantry with Christmas baking essentials
This sounds like fun! I love not having to run to the store when I'm in the mood to bake.


8. Double a couple weeknight dinners and freeze half for busy December days
A must. I will work on planning some menus this weekend.

9. Hang outdoor Christmas lights while the weather is still a little less frigid. If you are a scrooge patient person who likes to wait until December to turn on the festive lights, you could put them up now and not actually turn them on until December 1st.
Honey do list :)

10. Plan your Holiday Gift Giving. Make a list of everyone you need a gift for and brainstorm some gift ideas. Set a budget or extend the limit on your credit card. I was just kidding about that last part!
This is usually the most time consuming part of my holiday planning. I'm starting soon. See the printable link below!


11. Make a Christmas Bucket List. List things you'd really like to do as a family this holiday season and then find time for them on the calendar before it starts to fill up with other events.
I love a fun list of things to do! Sounds like a chalkboard list to me.

12. Watch a Christmas movie in your PJ's.
One of my favorite parts of Christmas! Do I need to tell you what my favorite movie is? Cousin Eddie ring a bell?

Who is with me? I will update where I am on the list in a few weeks to see where I'm at. Join in on the fun with me and let's celebrate organization for December! 


erica said...

Love this list! Thanks for sharing! xx

Cotton said...

Last year, a family friend was pregnant at this time and, while I often find belly shots creepy, she had one take for their christmas card where she was wear a red top and a ribbon/ bow was tied around her tummy. It was just a tummy shot (tummy covered by shirt and ribbon) but it was actually very cute! No need for faces or anything and still got across the "From our FAMILY!!!, to yours" message!

Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

Love this list! I love Christmas, but it always stresses me out. I make lists for gifts, gifts I need to bake, a budget, things I'd like to bake and things i'd like to deep clean. I also like to take a dab at one or two diy projects and plan some movie nights with my son:) I seen some great ideas on Pinterest and I'm hoping to do some similar things! We are hoping to be moved by December 1st this year so we'll see how the season plays out for me!

Brooke said...

Those little cookies look so dang cute! Yumm!



Sweet, Pink and Preppy said...

I love this! We are getting our Christmas card picture taken this weekend and I have a hair appointment booked for the week of Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Type A said...

We need to take our picture this weekend for our holiday cards or they won't happen! I just printed out that gift list-- great idea! Right now I have a google doc, but I think this sheet on the refrigerator might be the best motivator to get things checked off!

Carolina Charm said...

i LOVE this list! I definitely need to make one. I am really going to try hard this year to get everything done early so I can actually enjoy the holidays! I LOVE the printable!

Hannah said...

I saw most of these on another post, maybe the one you were talking about. There are some great tips! I like getting extra food/meals stocked in so you don't have to actually cook every night, but you still get a homemade meal. Also, love the paperwhites post!

Amber said...

I love this list! I already made a gift list this week in preparation for a shopping trip this weekend. I love the Christmas photo idea even though we don't typically send out cards it will be nice to have a photo. And, of course the baking goods! I'll prepare for that right after Thanksgiving.

Unknown said...

love this planner! Thanks!!!


pam {simple details} said...

Thanks for the sweet shout-out! I can totally picture you baking those pretty cookies (and sending them to work with Stephen)! :)

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

This is a great list! Gift buying is the biggest thing on my list right now...we don't get out of school until the 21st so a lot is going to be crammed into weekends and nights!

And I have already accomplished Christmas movies in my pajamas--perfect day after Thanksgiving agenda!