Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dining Room Help and Inspiration

Yesterday I showed you the chairs I was recovering for the dining room, and I finished them up last night. Thank goodness I have a husband that will remove the staples from the previous cushions, otherwise I might still be on my first chair! Thanks honey!! :)

 After your inspiring comments, I decided to look into dining rooms to figure out what it is that I need to do in this room. My goal is to make this room feel appropriate for our age, and also be a space that we want to use, not just for special occasions. I know first thing I will probably do is paint. So, that's where you come in! 

Take a look at my room and please, pretty please, tell me if you have any paint color suggestions. I am 100% painting the walls, and other furniture is questionable. The big question is, what color should I paint the walls? I'm looking to break up the wood tones and brighten it up. The mahogany dining room table will stay as is, it is my parent's passed down to me and I love it. The other furniture could be painted if needed, with the exception of the bookcase/cabinet on the right (Stephen's grandmother's). And please, excuse the clutter on the table, things are in limbo here!

On this side we have a buffet, doorway, and china cabinet (not pictured in this photo).

These are the colors in our dessert plates. This pattern is called Tobacco Leaf...isn't it gorg? I'm in love.

Our china cabinet... Don't ask whats sitting on top. My random mess!

 Inside the china cabinet...what do you think about a stenciled pattern on the back? 
Or paint the whole thing?

And here is some fun inspiration that I found that will make a dining room feel complete.
 Enjoy this eye candy!

I think adding a chalkboard in a pretty frame will lighten the mood, and will be so much fun to write out menus for parties, dinners etc.


The chandelier in our dining room is less than spectacular but I am dealing with it for now. I want something much airier and pretty...and probably with some sparkle!

ps...is this room not fabulous! those drapes...the floor...oh my.


And I love this chandelier, it is perfect.


I love the look of this china cabinet. I'm thinking I could replicate the look in another color and pattern in ours...Thoughts?


These are a must. I love fresh flowers so much and I know once I have this space finished I will really enjoy placing a pretty vase full of flowers on the table. They really complete the room!


Having artwork this size makes a statement. If I don't go the chalkboard route, I need another piece to make the room! Side note...the buffet here looks strikingly similar to mine, but in white!


This is my dining room's cousin! The drapes, the big mirror, the wood floors. This room gives me hope.  I would love and additional chair or bench in front of the window that are upholstered (like on left) to soften the room.


I have high hopes for this room being a space we really use and love. We don't have an official dinette or breakfast nook, so it would be so nice for this room to function as a place to wine and dine with friends or just the two of us. 

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts!! xo.


Courtney B said...

I want to add a chalkboard in a pretty frame in my dining room, too! From what I hear... it's a pretty easy diy project!
I know you'll make your dining room look PERFECT!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

This is all such lovely inspiration, it is hard to choose! My first thought on paint color was to do a really blush pink on top and white below the chair rail, but after seeing your dessert plates and other inspirations pics, I think a steele blue would be nice too. Ooo or wallpaper if you are up for it! I love the idea of painting at least one of the furniture pieces, I think it would definitely lighten things up, the stenciled/white china cabinet was my fave. Cant wait to see what you choose!

Amanda said...

I would say do a crisp white on top and a bright bold color on the bottom. Thatll give the room some bright and fun spirit. I'm not sure what color to suggest though. Maybe something that compliments the green in the chair fabric.

Laura said...

Gorgeous images - love the chalkboard idea! :)

Nicole said...

I love all those pictures, great eye candy :) I love that dessert plate pattern, who makes it?? The colors in my dinning room are cream. I tend to stay with those colors. You could do a light blue or green and maybe a darker shade of the two on the bottom or top to break it up. The chalkboard is great, I have chalk paint for a DIY framed board that I am going to do soon. Also the white china cabinet is beautiful!! I have a white cabinet in my dinning room that has my vintage enamelware collection in it, it is Broyhill Furniture brand. Thank you for sharing, I am a new follower of you blog & really love it.

eas said...

I think a light french blue or green would be beautiful for paint.

One day I will inherit Tobacco Leaf china-I adore it!

I think a nice light airy chandelier would make a huge difference. I have an identical one picked out and it is only $99! If I only use it one year it's a score!

CALLIE said...

I would maybe go with the light minty/lime green in the leaf on the plate. It will definitely lighten up the room and make it more fun!!

pam {simple details} said...

How fun, Katie! After looking at your inspiration pics, I'd go with a light and creamy tone. I like the mix of painting some pieces and leaving some dark. Absolutely yes to painting and wallpapering the back of the china cabinet. Maybe give your mirror frame a coat of gold and paint your chandelier white, until you get a new one. It's hard to tell the size of the room, but it looks a tad crowded. I think it would feel more like the rooms you love if you removed one of the pieces. I'd add some of your fabulous art!
Thanks for letting me chime in! :)

sarah@totalbassetcase.com said...

I love the chalkboard/frame idea. I think it could be beautiful to paint the room a mushroomy taupe color and leave the trim and chair rail white. I also love the idea of a stenciled background of the china cabinet. Maybe even play off of those bright colors in your dessert plates.

Fashion Meets Food said...

How gorgeous is that plate - I am in lust right now haha. I have been thinking about getting a chalkboard/making one and putting it in a frame lately - but I was not sure if it'd make my apartment seem countryish. xo

Anonymous said...

Just saw your blog via Better After. I too love that chandelier you like. Check out the one me and hubby made. Kinda like it only I'm willing to bet ours is quite a bit less ;-)

If you visit my blog, thanks in advance for stopping by :-)