Sunday, February 5, 2012

14 Days of Things I Love: Beautiful White Bedding

I love the way the bed in all of these rooms is simple and white, makes you want to dive right in! Each room has a fun and beautiful color scheme, while keeping the linens white. When your bedding is white, you keep your options open for changing up your design or taking your time (like me!) to decide exactly what you want. Take a look! What do you think about white bedding?

{Classic Monogrammed Duvet with complementary turquoise}

{Shades of blue and brown}

{Aqua and wood tones}

Each morning, one of the first things I have to do is make the bed. Having the bed made not only makes the room look neat, but it give me a place to lay clean folded laundry and get ready with ease. There may be several pairs of shoes sitting around, clothes hanging on doors and dog toys scattered in the traffic pattern that I may trip on...but at least that bed is made!

Right now we have all white on our bed and I really love it. It is so clean and fresh to wake up to every morning. After looking at these beautiful rooms, I launched myself into a laundry day of washing the linens from top to bottom, not only on our bed, but on one of our guest beds as well. Nothing is better than clean sheets! I cannot wait to snuggle up tonight in a soft, clean bed!

Hope y'all have a great time watching the Super Bowl and of course, enjoy some fabulous food! xoxo.


Laura said...

They all look so comfy - I love the feeling of clean sheets too :)

Laura xo

Emma said...

I love the fresh clean look of white and I'm loving the the aqua and gold...I also really love the mitch match patterns in the shades of blue and brown. It still looks really put together!

I totally agree a made up bed makes a room look completely different. I try to make mine as often as I can! Even if it is right before I got to bed at times lol

lauren | keys to anywhere said...

wow, absolutely love the aqua and gold room!!

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

I love monogram on white bedding!

Little Miss Southern said...

Love these beds!!! Glad you found my blog!! xoxo