Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Garden Wishlist

With a new house comes a new opportunity to create our dream landscape! I'm really, really thankful that our yard has the perfect amount of "base" landscaping. Everything is very well maintained, nothing messy, quality evergreens...with plenty of space to make it our own. I don't know how much will get planted this year with our pending garage addition, but I cannot wait to really make the yard ours! Here are some of my favorites for the garden that we either currently have that are worth a mention, or on my wishlist!

1. Boxwood
My evergreen hedge, foundation bush of choice. I will never quit you boxwood!

2. Endless Summer Hydrangeas
These are the ones that if cared for well, will give you blooms over and over throughout the summer. Thats a big plus since most just bloom once a season.

3. Blushing Bride Hydrangeas
My parents gave me one when we got engaged in a pretty stone planter. A beautiful shade of white with hints of pink!

4. Irises
I love seeing these bloom early Spring. They come in a ton of colors and are so, so easy to grow. Great bulb.

5. Japanese Snowball Viburnum
I love these for the gigantic mounds and mounds of blooms they produce, twice a year. They look similar to hydrangea blooms, so of course I love them!

6. Holly Ferns
 Great for adding to beds. Come back year after year.

7. Trees- Magnolia, Crepe Myrtle, Holly
Southern staples! I love the natchez crepe myrtle variety.

8. Caladiums
Easy for your pots!

9. Limelight Hydrangeas
These are a great shade of white and light green, they bloom a little later in the season which is a nice change when everything else seems spent!

10. Hostas
I'm obsessed with hostas. They are also a favorite to clip leaves for arrangements.

11. Rhododendrons
These are in the azalea family. I love the bright pink blooms!

12. Creeping Jenny
Easy for your pots- one of my favorite "spillers"...

13.Sweet Potato Vine
Another easy "spiller"....

14. Kimberly Queen Fern
I get two every year for my big black pots and they last all season. I am on the lookout for them now. I usually buy mine pretty early and they still do fine all summer and through the fall.

15. Peonies
Oh how I wish I could grow peonies. They do not do well in our salty, humid climate...but a girl can dream.

You can find all of these on my Floral Love + Outdoor Inspiration Board. What are your garden staples?!

PS- Stay tuned for a really fun post tomorrow to get ya in the mood for Spring + Easter!

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Chelsea said...

Spring flowers are my fav :)