Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Shopping Small Favorites

Every year I make it a point to buy locally sourced gifts, which always end up being some of my favorites. My family owns a gift shop that has been open over 80 years, which I work at...so obviously shopping small is important to us! We just have a tiny sampling of what we sell online, so it's hard for me to point you in our direction if it isn't available for purchase at your fingertips. You can follow along on our instagram as well, where we frequently post new arrivals, special sales and so on. I think it is important in the midst of gift guides and all that to reach out to your local stores and support them. After all, if we all just shop on Amazon, those little stores will not exist one day- and that truly makes me sad! So take my ideas and run with them, buy them from your local stores and keep that economy going! 

These are a few items found from small companies that I love. I mentioned this on instagram yesterday, but my sister has started a printing business with the cutest little gift tags you've ever seen. I'm mentioning the gift tags especially since we are in that season, but she does much more than that too. She has been trained in calligraphy, doing wedding invitation addressing, menus, table cards etc. I remember when we planned my wedding it was hard to find someone that did it well, on time and was reliable. So boom, there ya go ladies! If you are interested in purchasing these printed tags, simply email me or leave a message below with your color choice. We are doing paypal for these to keep things simple while she gets her etsy shop going. $12 for a pack of ten, they come as seen so you can decide how you want to attach them to your gifts. Bonus- they are not all strictly for Christmas, but can go that way for sure!

Golden Script Designs

If you are looking for a gift for someone with a new house or someone that doesn't own an address stamp...how cute are these? I'm ordering one this week so it will be here for my Christmas cards going out.

When I was in Charleston at the end of the summer, a really sweet local introduced herself in the Lilly store and recognized me from my blog {how fun is that?!}, and I later found out she had this adorable shop. These are gifts that are not only beautiful, but personalized. I would love a set of dinner napkins for special occasions, or to just have set out looking nice and pretty. 

Another linen company I have had my eye on...I can't get enough of these towels with the applique monogram! They make shams that have a similar monogram that I would love, love, love for our bed! How gorgeous!

What are some of your favorite small shops? Please don't forget to shop small not only this coming Saturday, but all weekend. I've found most shops run specials just like others do all weekend long! Happy Shopping! 

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KatiePerk said...

Pretty picks! Small World! I am friends with Southern Linens in real life! She does great work.