Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New Kitchen Plans

The one thing we wanted to make sure we did right was the kitchen in our new house! It actually had great features already, but just needed some updating. I was initially a little concerned over the kitchen when we saw the listing online, but once we saw it in person I was relieved. It was a good size, had marble countertops, good quality existing cabinets and stainless steel appliances that were in great shape. However, my wheels were already spinning on how we could take this kitchen to another level! Go ahead and laugh because I said we didn't have any major renovation work to be done. But, this is really nothing compared to what we did in our last house! By the way, most of the paint colors you will see here are horrible. No offense against the previous owners because they built a beautiful home...but the paint colors...got to go!

Here is our plan in motion:
-Remove header above bar
-Remove chandelier and fluorescent lighting
-Add pendants and recessed lighting
-Tile Backsplash
-Replace tile floor with brick floor (!!)
-Repaint kitchen cabinets/new hardware

Here is a shot looking into the kitchen. It is a galley style I guess? It opens up to a dinette {which we have never had before and I am so excited!} and the bar overlooks into the family room with double french doors onto the porch. I only mention those details because the whole area flows really nicely together and it makes a beautiful space I know we will spending most of our time.

We were unsure of how the header above the bar would play out but luck was on our side and nothing was weight bearing- so away went the wall! This is immediately what I saw happening when I stepped foot in the kitchen. It is so cool to see it unfold! Sheetrock work will be completed in the next few days.

starting the removal of header - non weight bearing:

header removed: 

We had a random chandelier hanging off centered in the kitchen, plus a large fluorescent light above the sink. Both of those are being removed and we will have updated lighting. My initial vision called for large satin brass lanterns...really looking forward to seeing those babies installed!

Not happening immediately, but we will eventually do a tile backsplash. Stephen and my brother in law have done plenty of backsplashes that they are old hands at it now. Lucky to have this skill in our back pocket!

So, one thing that wasn't in the initial plan...a new floor! The rest of the downstairs {minus mud room} has beautiful pine floors. The kitchen has a tuscan-ish color tile, which wasn't horrible but not our favorite. We decided to forego a professional painter upstairs {leaving the professionals to paint just downstairs} and left room in our budget for brick floor. I know it will finish off the space really nicely and is exactly what this house calls for. We wanted to go ahead and do it in the mud room as well but are trying to stick to our budget as closely as possible!

We had decided to have the cabinets professionally painted...but, again, decided to forego that. This is something I have done a few times and it just seems silly to spend the money on something I can do myself. I know, time is money. But, again...I hate our budget to be eaten up by things like painting!! Once finished, we are replacing the hardware with satin brass. Can't wait.

In a few days we should see the kitchen put back together before it gets ripped up with new floor and eventually, working on the kitchen doors.

We really are so excited about this house and appreciate your comments and excitement as well!


Susan Hillmann said...

Can't wait to see the new kitchen!

miss andrea lee said...

I love the direction you are going with the kitchen! We are about to start the remodel of ours (two weeks before Christmas!) and I would love to know about your brick floor!