Friday, September 26, 2014

An Honest to Goodness Review

As most of you know, a very popular company, the Honest Company, is huge among young moms, savvy with environmental and health minded decisions. I have to admit, for a long time I was not convinced and not interested. After Weeks was born, I became curious about "green" lines and what exactly was different from their products vs. what I usually bought. This is not sponsored in any way, just my personal review. Please just view this post as me sharing my opinions and experience.

First up, being a new Mom I just had to buy those adorable little diapers that had anchors printed on them. I mean...anchors! Are you kidding me. It really does not get much cuter, plus, we live at the beach. They were perfect. I bought them after Weeks was a few months old. Up until then, he had been a strictly Pampers Baby, with no issues and we were happy parents. I just bought them for fun, and to compare. However, I found myself not trusting the durability of the diaper itself. I would only put the cute little anchor diapers on when we were either going to be around people, or after he had a major blowout (ensuring that another blowout wasn't surely to follow in the new diaper brand). I also knew that the Honest diapers were a bit more expensive than Pampers...and this is something they literally "poop" on. I quickly realized this was oh-so-silly. I love the idea of the diaper, but on the other hand I am pretty happy with our little Elmo Pampers. Weeks doesn't have skin irritations from his diaper, which is a very important part of your decision. And if I did have a little more in our budget for diapers, I might change my mind. I know plenty of Moms who love and trust Honest Diapers, and I respect that.

 Next up, Honest sunscreen. I felt like a lotion being rubbed and absorbed into Weeks' skin should be as safe as possible. I really wanted to love this stuff. After several uses (last summer) I just couldn't do it anymore. It was SO thick. And while I was thrilled it was safe for his new, sweet, baby skin, I literally had to scrub it off. I would put him in the bath and wipe and scrub those sweet little cheeks as long as he would let me. I just couldn't do it anymore. This summer, I experimented with several other sunscreens, and I really utilized sun-safe hats as well. If you have a favorite baby sunscreen I would love to know.

Recently, I purchased the Honest Laundry Detergent. I had read it was great for babies with eczema, which Weeks tends to have on his legs. I was a little sad to push the Dreft aside. Because nothing smells better than the entire world. But anyway, I haven't noticed a HUGE change in his eczema, but I think it is slightly better. On another note, I had a few towels that had started to have that mildew smell. Embarrassing. I have never had mildewy towels before! Ew. I credit it to our new front load washer and dryer. I have always heard they have issues, but they are supposed to be designed better now. I have learned, you simply cannot leave things in a front load washer for very long at all. I did one load with the Honest Detergent and it was gone!! I was this close to trying a Pinterest trick for removing the smell, but the Honest worked awesome. I was impressed. Also, semi-unrelated but...I learned in textiles class (in college) that fabric softener leaves a huge buildup (actually wax)  on your clothing and towels. If you think about the texture of a dryer sheet, that gets distributed on to your laundry. I use dryer sheets sparingly and never do a full dryer cycle with a dryer sheet in. Fabric softener also causes your towels to stop absorbing as well...because they are covered in wax. Just some food for thought!

My last Honest purchase is the Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner. I have really enjoyed using it as my daily countertop cleaner. It isn't filled with toxins on my countertops where food may land or be prepared. It has a fresh grapefruit smell and works really well to remove grease and food grime. But also, I am a stickler for thoroughly cleaning anything that comes in contact with raw meat- so anytime I have raw chicken, beef, fish etc, I always spray everything down with Clorox. I am just paranoid about that. Other than those times, I love using this spray as my cleaner! I wipe down Weeks' toys and high chairs with it as well. Once we enter flu season I am wondering if I need something stronger as well. Would love advice!

I would love to hear your reviews on Honest products, or other green lines. I am not saying I am converting all of my daily products into the green versions, but I am open to the idea of welcoming more into our home. So far, I have been really pleased with green cleaning products. It feels good and I like that I am being proactive in being careful what enters these walls :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!


KatiePerk said...

Good to know! I was curious about the detergent.

Annie {Home of Malones} said...

I am a huge fan of a ton of Honest products including their diapers, but I hate that sunscreen. I'm like you and tried it several times but its so thick. I use the detergent for Brody's clothes, but Ive never tried it on any of our stuff. I need to try the towels because my husband is notorious for leaving the towels in the washer too long and they do smell like mildew. Yuck.

Delta Daisies said...

Good to know! I was curious!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I have tried the Honest diapers on Camille, and while I do agree that the green quality of them is great, and nobody designs a cuter diaper than Honest ... we are Pampers Swaddlers fans :)

I clean our countertops with an awesome cleaner that Carolina Charm got me hooked on, Parsley Plus! I have since turned my mom onto it too. Cleans great and smells SO fresh and delicious.

melissa said...

I haven't tried any of the products but I have heard similar complaints about the diapers. I read some reviews in prep for baby #2 because I was interested in a more green alternative. I've heard good things about the earth's best brand. I'm going to compare it to the Pampers and see if it can do the job as well.

I like Mrs. Meyers countertop spray but like you, I use something stronger for anything touched by raw meat. But it's a great (smelling) option for everyday spills.

Amanda {Kids and Cabernet} said...

I've been wondering about these products for a long time - thanks for the review. Once flu season rolls around, I love the Clorox Anywhere Spray. You can spray it anywhere and it's safe for kids/pets.

Elysia said...

OK - so I hate their sunscreen too..... I use California Baby - which is a bit greasy, but works well, but my new favorite is Badger - I buy it at Whole Foods. Also, I tried Honest bug spray..... not a fan. It STINKS! And it's greasy. And did I mention that it stinks? I made a big deal about it too - because it doesn't contain deet, and I put it all over and wouldn't you know - mosquitos might not like it, but flies sure as heck do. I couldn't keep them away from us. I've just started using 7th Generation cleaning suppiles because they were on sale at Target. I also like Mrs. Meyers - especially around Christmas because they come in yummy scents. Just had to share!