Monday, July 28, 2014

Currently Loving

This past weekend we attended the most beautiful wedding for college friends. It was a 6 pm wedding, and I have not bought a cocktail dress in a long time. After lots of searching, I decided on this one. Make sure you check the back, it's really cute! I also was blowing up instagram (@missdixie30) this weekend. I have been trying not to be an oversharer on there lately but I couldn't resist fun things that happened over the weekend! 

My little man got his first haircut by Momma. He was such a trooper, I was so proud of him! His smile melts me, every time, over and over, hundreds of times a day. 

I mentioned these leggings as part of the Anniversary sale. They are so amazing, my favorite legging ever. They are comfortable and fit to your skin but aren't spandex. They are priced incredibly great right now. 

I loved them so much I also snagged the capri version to wear right now on hotter days. I wore them to the gym this morning and loved the fit and wear. Also on sale right now.

Did you know Forever 21 has athletic wear? As you know, I am always on the hunt for active wear bargains. I picked up a racerback tank over the weekend and also wore it this morning to the gym. It feels much nicer than $12. I am loving this pullover though too. I love a sweatshirt with a kangaroo pocket! 

I have decided there will be a greek key design on some window treatment, somewhere, in my home. I love the look and it's timeless. I'm thinking I will attempt a DIY version with lots of fabric glue and ironing. 

I made this pesto last week and oh my gracious, it was delicious. I made it for a chickpea salad that was so-so, but the homemade pesto was amazing. I will definitely be making more with my fresh basil growing in the garden. By the way, Stephen hates basil but loves this pesto. We've even just been dipping crackers in it! You can also make this and store in the freezer for the winter months- such a great idea.

This is so true. 


Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

Katie! I adore that cocktail dress- you look fab! Loving those leggings as well! Hope you have a great week! xoxo

Caroline {Virginia Sweet} said... that dress is stunning!!!! Love the leggins and the little man's hair cut! have a great one!

Tess said...

You looked phenomenal at the wedding!

Anonymous said...

Obsessed with those leggings as well, such a great find!

Ashley Morris said...

I just love those leggings too. That cocktail dress is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Perfect cocktail dress selection! Try the pest with just spinach; swear you won't even miss basil. Love the haircut pic :)

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Pesto is my fave and homemade is the best!