Monday, January 13, 2014

Giveaway Winner + Travel with Baby

Happy Monday Y'all! 
First things first, congrats to Stephanie Grant for winning the Rodan + Fields giveaway. I loved hosting this and I know you will love this package Stephanie! Please contact me so I can put you in touch with Laura for your goodies!

I've been out of town almost an entire week and the house is a complete disaster and I have little to no energy. I had big plans to knock out all the laundry last night but laid down in bed instead for a few minutes of rest. Traveling/working and traveling with a baby is no joke! Weeks continues to spoil us with his sweet and easy going personality though. Easiest baby ever on an airplane. His first flight was with Stephen to come meet me and he said he just talked and laughed the entire time. Everyone loved him. Yesterday on our way home he slept through take off and about halfway into the flight. After that it was time to eat so he was occupied and happy. 

There was tiny episode that made our travel less than perfect. Airline personnel! When it was time to board our flight, they asked for anyone needing special assistance or car seats to board first. We just happened to be standing at the front and assumed we would be able to board with our stroller, even though we didn't have a carseat. The gate agent looked at us and told us we couldn't board until Zone 1 and quickly roped us off so we were now on the outside of the line that formed, sending us to the very back of the line. I was stunned. Everyone in line was too. I was so tired at that point it literally almost made me cry! The man at the beginning of the line told us to please go ahead of him and everyone else agreed. Little did the gate agent know we were actually in first class as well so we should've been at the front of the line anyway. That nice man was so kind and didn't have to do that, but he did. We thanked him so many times. And when I got my ticket scanned I should have just given that agent a smile instead of snatching my ticket back from him. Oh well, next time :)

Give someone a smile today y'all! xo.


Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Love that quote, mama!!!! Hang in there!

Carolina Charm said...

Our babe isn't even here yet and I'm worried about our first flight. haha. Glad to know there are still some good people in the world! Hope that flight attendant felt like a jerk afterwards. :)

Nat said...

We're planning our first plane trip with Miller this spring and I'm so nervous about the flight! Glad to hear it Weeks was so good and sorry about the airport personnel- ugh some people.