Monday, July 15, 2013

Gap + Old Navy Favorites

There was a time period when I never, ever shopped at Gap and Old Navy. There was just nothing appealing to me at all about those two stores and the styles just weren't me. These days I find myself turning to Gap and Old Navy for easy favorites. Shockingly, I have found more things there than my all time favorite J.Crew! What is up with that? It doesn't hurt 99% of the time you can get some sort of a deal online + free shipping (and also, make sure to use Ebates for cash back!) Here are a few of my faves that I thought you might enjoy too! 

Each season recently there seems to be a few pieces from Old Navy that look way more designer-ish than the price tag and sell out quickly. I think this one looks Marc Jabobsy, am I right? I just got it in the mail yesterday! I think it will be so cute for early fall with tall riding boots!

I picked this up in a charcoal grey several weeks ago and have worn it so many times I decided to buy another in this bright purple. I think it looks Lulu Lemon like! Once upon a time I used to wear cotton t-shirts to the gym every single day. Now I cannot stand to wear one and I always have on a real exercise top that is lightweight and breathable.

These shorts are so freakin cute! I have them and they are the most comfortable pair I own. On major sale right now. No, I do not wear mine with those shoes. Yikes.

I got this in pink and green and love it! I love it paired with white jeans for a laid back yet cute summer look. Also on major sale, get you one or five!

For all the pregnant girls out there, you must own this. I'm ashamed to admit I actually miss wearing my pure body tanks. They were the most flattering tops I found that were easy to switch up and mix outfits- very key for maternity style.
I could do a whole post on baby clothes but I will keep it short here. Weeks has this in blue and green and it is so precious on him with the knee patches! Gap has the softest baby clothes, I love them.

What are your Gap and Old Navy favorites?


Courtney said...

I have a couple of those ON workout tanks and love them! And I love the cut offs, how did I miss those? Have to get them!

pam {simple details} said...

Cute finds, Katie! I remember my wardrobe changing when I had a little one in tow! :)

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I couldn't agree more with you - I think every season that Old Navy comes out with something that looks like a much more higher-end piece! Stuff and Save is going on now and ending tomorrow - 30% off!

natasha {schue love} said...

Love your picks! And I think I need to add those jammies to our list as well! ;)

Lindsay @ LindsayInNYC said...

I'm with you on the Old Navy items!! I bought the same dress as you in the fall - the solid top part with stripes below? I think you wore it when you were newly pregnant (is it weird that I remember that?!). I bought a couple other dresses this spring and got a ton of compliments on one of them over the 4th! You would never guess it was Old Navy!

Chelsea Covington said...

I am seriously addicted to GAP and Old Navy. I feel like every time I get my paycheck thats the first place I go!! I usually pick up something for Max and Myself.


Jess said...

I'm in love with Gap and I'm glad someone stepped outside the J Crew box to feature them. Love all your outfit picks!

In the Pink said...

Love that first top - so perfect for fall! I am hoping they come out with some cute fallish maternity pieces. I will have to try that tank!

Lesa Walker said...

I am a lover of all things J. Crew and sometimes I feel like a cheating spouse when I shop at Gap.

However, I must agree. Since Gap has changed its look, I was buying a new dress a week. Haven't found anything that is a "must have" lately, but I like the fact I have options.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I'm with ya! Gap and Old Navy have definitely been bringing their A-game in the last year or so and you can't beat the prices!

Be sure to stop by my blog this week--I've got a fun giveaway going on!

[darci @ the good life] said...

Ha! I read the first sentence and thought "I totally said just that not long ago"! Before having Jackson, I NEVER shopped at Old Navy and rarely Gap. But, since our budget has changed with me at home, I started branching out! Low and behold.... I've actually found a few things from Old Navy that people think are from J.Crew (which cracks me up and makes me smile).

I'm definitely a fan of spending a little more on things that you'll wear for a long, long while. But, as for trendy outfits, etc..... I'm ALL ABOUT Old Navy (and Gap, too!).

And does Gap not have the cutest baby stuff???? Especially baby boy things.... I want to buy all kinds of 6 month onesies every time I go in there and have no need! HA!!

Emily said...

if you're shopping at gap and old navy more, you should think about getting one of their credit cards. i got a banana republic card a couple years ago and i'm constantly getting rewards! i was hesitant at first, but i'm so glad i did. i love getting emails that say "you have $10 in rewards waiting for you!"