Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bedroom Daydreaming

I spent entirely way too much time in our bedroom over the last week. Nothing like a little quality time lying in bed staring at your drab walls to make you really want to get things looking better. I'm not going to take on any major projects at this stage in the pregnancy, don't worry. But I do have hopes to make some easy/inexpensive changes to our room to make it a more calming and comfortable space, this year. {I'm allowing myself plenty of time!}

Our master bedroom is the one room in the house that hasn't been touched since shortly after moving in and getting married. It's the only room in the house that hasn't been painted. Have I told you how much I despise the color? And here I am sleeping and dreaming in this room! I think Stephen is on board to paint the room before baby, if time allows. Fingers crossed. That will at least be a quick fix to brighten things up for the time being. The furniture is all collected pieces from both Stephen and myself....we both have childhood dressers, his four poster bed {which I love} and a vanity and rattan chest as nightstands. 

Since this project is still in the future and not immediate, I did a little daydreaming on beautiful bedrooms.


I should also mention that while working on the nursery, we've been chipping away at getting our guest room ready for guests. My parents will be here after Weeks is born and I want the space to feel complete. Room upgrades include a DIY headboard and a ton of organizing. I hope to get my act together and show you soon! 

Happy Thursday! xo.


In the Pink said...

I love the blue and white and the green and white!!

My Crafty Home Life said...

I love all of them. White bedding is my favorite. That green wallpaper is just stunning.

pam {simple details} said...

I think this is nesting to the max! :) Gorgeous inspiration!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

I love the coral bedroom, so pretty and simple but the coral makes it fun. Right now my bedroom is seriously LACKING. But with all my time being spent on other things it's a space I'll have to dedicate more time to in the future.

Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design said...

The one with the pink and white lamp on the gold table is absolutely amazing!!! I'm so sorry you were so sick- I can imagine that was NO FUN!

Val said...

All the rooms are gorgeous but I LOVE the first one. Happy Friday!