Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Five Amazon Finds for Home

Sometimes I tend to over think things. This post is not one of them 😉

Today I am sharing five things that I have purchased that we are using and loving in our new {but old} home! For reference, I really try to only buy things on Amazon that I can't buy locally or that might require a special trip/ hunt for an item, when I really don't have time to be doing that and unloading two kids and carseats and strollers out of the car!

Our bathroom vanities all needed fresh drawer liners after I cloroxed them. A good bathroom liner is hard to find, and I wanted something opaque that would hide any staining or discoloration leftover in the drawers. I actually think this tan stripe is really cute and a little bit coastal! 


These are one of my favorite finds! I wanted a good sturdy clip for the fridge to hang my favorite preschoolers artwork that comes home. They look neater than my random collection of magnets and don't slide down the side of the fridge!

Steaming is better than ironing, right? This is a new purchase and I think I will be using it quite a bit. Starting off with Frances Ann's faux silk drapes that need the wrinkles removed.

I bought a box of these at a boutique in Raleigh for Frances Ann, but when I was unpacking I realized I needed drawer liners - that day, that minute - so I stole hers! I looked them up and found the same thing on Amazon and have hers ready for her new dresser I am getting ready to paint. They have a light baby powder-ish scent and are so sweet.

I bought this for Stephen for Christmas so he can enjoy watching football games on the porch and keep warm. We haven't been able to use it much this winter so far but I know we will for a long time to come. I was thinking patio heaters would be more expensive than this, so I was pleasantly surprised.

What are your favorite finds on Amazon for the home?

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Rachael Alexis said...

I am 100 percent looking into this bathroom liner. THe one I have slides backwards every single time I open a drawer and then I have to dig for everything, reflatten it, and repeat again in 10 minutes. Thanks for the suggestion!

XOXO Rachael