Monday, February 6, 2017

Our Superbowl Lineup

Like a lot of you ladies, I get really excited about the Superbowl, not because the game, but the food of course! Truth be told, that kind of food is my very favorite food. I could snack all day, every day and not have a meal and be perfectly content. Even though the game is come and gone until next year, I secretly love to see what people have served for it! Because, whatever someone is having on the Superbowl is bound to be a good option to keep in my recipe back pocket for entertaining purposes to come. Everything we had was pretty simple, no recipes here. It also made for really easy serving come game time, not a lot of last minute hustle which is nice!

We ordered a few dozen wings from a local favorite at 4:30 and picked them up by 5. Then, we just let them sit in the oven on 350 to warm them back up when it was time to eat. Stephen is pretty picky about takeout wings and can't stand them to be soggy- this kept them crispy! PS- always get the ranch dressing to go with, Kraft from a bottle just doesn't cut it.

In my opinion, ordering the wings was probably the key in making this a simple meal because that would have been a big job and lots of cleanup. Definitely an idea to keep in mind for events to come.

My mother in law made the classic queso dip- velveeta, sausage and rotel in the crockpot. I love some cheese dip and I will eat it until I hate myself. I just can't quit it! We have really cut back on our dinnertime snacks and apps so I was really excited to indulge in this for a night!

Cucumbers and ranch! Never met someone who can turn these down. I like the english cucumbers this time of year, served with sour cream and a Hidden Valley Ranch packet. Mix that up ahead of time so it has time to combine and boost the flavors.

Last but not least, pulled pork nachos! My mother in law cooked the boston butt on low all day, and then Stephen shredded it at game time. I had toppings on hand: lots of mexican cheese, black beans, black olives, salsa and sour cream. They were delish!! If you make the boston butt, just know you will have a ton of leftover pork as well.

What did you all have for the game?


Kelly said...

We had a similar spread - Boston butt, chorizo queso, guac, salad (teensy bit of veggies thrown in the mix!), buffalo chicken dip, and brownies. Epitome of health! ;)

Chelsea said...

Everything looks so delish :)

Rachael Alexis said...

I am an RN so unfortunately I was spending my night reintubating one of my patients in the ICU....but if I had my choice in apps, my favorite thing to make in the past has always been Velveeta and Rotel tomato dip. I love that Velveeta is an American classic when it comes to the superbowl.