Thursday, November 3, 2011

Desk Reinvention

Over the last couple of months, we have been moving furniture from one room to the next. This involves letting it sit in the hallway for weeks at a time, moving it to the garage, moving it back inside, moving it back to the hallway because it needs a place to get the picture! When we added a bookcase in the man cave, we turned it into more of a sitting room than an office and the desk had to go. Then, I started my closet clean up and I had an idea to use his old desk in our closet as a vanity-type-built in of sorts. Here is the desk in the closet before- it is dark and hard to see any of the pretty woodwork in a shadowy closet.

I did barely any prep work and lucked out. I just primed it with a latex primer and used BM Linen White in semi gloss finish, the same color as the walls. Painting it was SO easy- I picked up a high density foam roller made for doors & cabinets and it made this painting quick and painless. 

So, here is what the closet looks like today....

Sorry for the poor lighting- it is still a little dark in there, that is the next thing on the list. So here are the details...I made an obvious hardware change for these sleek brushed stainless pulls, available at Lowes- they were the most expensive part but well worth it.

I also found some chevron drawer liners from the Container Store and lined all of the drawers with it. I just wanted something fun and these fit the bill. They are non adhesive but have that "stick" to them so my jewelry stays in place and neat, even when it is laid out in a drawer and I am opening and closing it. 

Other additions to the closet include a new striped rug from Crate and Barrel. I had a gift card with some remaining funds and it was the perfect size for the closet. The horizontal stripes make the closet seem wider, and I am all for that! I also bought a little white cube ottoman at TJ Maxx last week. It must have been delivery day because I have never seen our store this full of so many great finds. It was a steal and it opens up for more storage-another place to stash my stuff!

I'm not going to lie, I loved styling this also. I adore little trays and dishes to hold my jewelry, so I relocated them here instead of my nightstand. The teacup was actually my place setting at my bridesmaids luncheon so it is near and dear to my heart, and I love my jewelry in it! I am also a collector of fashion and decor books and have lots of them throughout our house.

I really am enjoying this in our closet and I love that we had a space to use a piece of old furniture that we otherwise would have had to give up! It is pretty to look at when I am in the closet picking out something to wear- we all know we need some inspiration some days!

What do you think? Good reinvention of an old desk?!

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Knit-2-Together said...

This looks great! I love the freshness the paint has added to the piece!

Ashley said...


Stumbled across your blog. LOVE your reinvention! if you have time please stop by sometime.

Katie said...

Thank you all so much! Can't wait to check your blogs out!! xoxo

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

oh katie, it turned out so pretty and sweet! i love how it is accessorized, too! you have an eye for pretty!

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

This was a smart and pretty use for the desk! I love the idea. You're fortunate to have a closet that would accommodate it.

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