Monday, September 26, 2011

Rain, Baking and House Updates

Over the course of the weekend, we have gotten at least 7 inches of rain, according to our rain gauge. I usually do not do well cooped up in the house but we all managed to survive here! It really has been raining since last Tuesday and we are all in need of a bright sunny day. Please, soon! That is probably more rain that we got all summer. We ventured out Saturday and bought a few new things for the house, retail therapy always helps!
A reddish-brown ottoman for the man cave. The man cave is really shaping up. This week alone he has a new bookshelf that spans an entire wall, new ottoman and Missoni-ish pillows that worked great with his colors.

New throw pillow for the couch! These colors kind of "pull" everything together that I have going on the in the living room. I think it is great for fall if nothing else.
Well, at least one of us enjoyed snuggling all day inside! She is our little snuggle puggle! (Iphone photo) 

And here she is again, face down in the blanket.

Sunday afternoon, I got bored enough and decided I needed to make a cake and frost it in a fallish way. 
I bought one of these...

and some food coloring and used this glaze recipe, and divided it into three bowls, like so.

And here she is, all finished. I also grabbed some candy corn at the grocery store and sprinkled it around the edges.

I also have been working on some fall decor in the house, but due to the rain I didn't get to go out and find the pumpkins I was looking for. Here's to hoping this week is full of sunshine!

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