Thursday, April 13, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week 2 Blue and White Dining Room

Welcome back for week two of the One Room Challenge! Thanks for joining me. For this time around, I am making over our dining room with a blue and white design in mind. Here is a little background:

Week One

If you are new here, I'm Katie and I am a wife, mother of two, living on the coast of North Carolina. We bought our current home in October, did some initial upgrades, moved into the house December. I am really just catching my breath from the move. We might never move again :) Our house is a two story white colonial, black shutters, timeless design and layout. We are settled in pretty well but none of the house is "done" if you know what I mean. Everything is kind of 50% there...we still have a stack of pictures in our living room waiting to be hung, hardly any drapes hanging on the walls, and little projects in each room to be completed. I chose the dining room because it has taken on it's own little path of actually getting somewhere and I want to go ahead and cross this one off the list. If you know me, you are familiar with my love for mixing traditional and modern design, touches of vintage/antiques, fresh flowers, and a healthy dose of blue and white.

To get us all on the same page, here is the punch list:

-Caulk and paint trim (a doozie...dentil moulding)
-New window shades (these are terrible mini blinds)
-Hang new drapes!
-Paint walls (I'm thinking an icy blue OR a stencil. Is stenciling still in??)
-Paint nightstand-ish piece of furniture
-Decide on chandelier
-Fix the table/lamp/art situation
-Flank china cabinet with mirrors?
-Remove door to room

So, what happened this week? The drapes got hung! I mentioned that this room has started its own little path, and the drapes were something I decided to tackle about a month ago. To say I am relieved that they are up and hanging straight is such a relief! I am pretty proud of myself too. These are fully lined with pinch pleats. I followed this tutorial from Design Sponge and it was SO good. Not all tutorials are created equal I learned. I highly recommend it! 

They "kiss" the floor perfectly. Obsessed. 

We also removed the old vinyl mini blinds and replaced them with wooden blinds. I really didn't want anything that would stand out here, just basic. They are doing their job well and the room is SO much brighter with out the mini blinds! I can't believe the difference.

I went back and forth on the stenciling and wallpaper idea, and once I saw the drapes go up, they confirmed my decision to keep the walls a solid color. This is more in line with my original inspiration photos and I think the leopard is too fun to take away from! Decision made. I bought three paint samples for the walls, pictured below. The color I am looking for is what I would describe as a french blue. I do not want Carolina blue. A soft, pretty blue with a hint of grey. The bottom sample ended up being so dark, it won't be a contender. Can you guess which one I am leaning towards? I would love your input as well- or even better- if you know this perfect blue I am looking for!

Another idea that came to mind is adding some crystals to our existing brass chandelier, and possibly shades. You can see in some of the photos a random string of crystals hanging. 

The plan for this week is to decide on the wall color and paint- and start caulking the trim. Lots and lots of cracks that need to be filled along the ceiling line. Painting the trim will be a doozie but I know it is going to absolutely shine once it is done and I can't wait to see that!

Thanks so much again for following along. To see all the other amazing projects going on, you can check the featured designers here and the guest participants here!


Chesson | Magnolia+Main said...

I love the fabric that you chose for your drapes! It's so pretty!

Lisa Rozario said...

The drapes are very pretty. I would guess that you will probably go with the paint color which is at the top. It has more grey in it than the second - with the resolution on my computer, anyway. The slight contrast with the curtains will look stunning. Having said that, I do think the bottom color would also look stunning as it will have more of a contrast and if you have a lot of light in the room it will not be crazy dark. And the rug will look gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more!

Zelle B. said...

The drapes are stunning! I can't wait to see how this unfolds. I have so many projects I want to work on - I should've done the ORC!

Southern Style

Sarah Sofia Knepp said...

Oh Katie I absolutely LOVE those curtains! Major blue and white crush here! Kiss the floor perfect is always so hard to get, but you got it! Can't wait to see how you transform yet another space! Let's do this! XOXO, Sarah

The Reedy Review said...

It's amazing what a difference hanging those drapes made! I can't wait to see what you do to the chandelier, I was hoping you were going to keep it! If you end up not doing shades, I think changing out the bulbs with more spherical ones makes a big difference. We have almost an identical chandelier in my son's nursery. We painted it white and added the round bulbs to ours.

Homespun by Laura said...

The little bit of the crystals I can see on the chandelier look great! In the photo, it looks like the top color coordinates pretty well with the light color on the drapes, so it gets my vote! The middle one looks like a very pale Carolina blue.

Tim said...

amazing drapes!! what a great pattern and for sure a great jumping off point for a great scheme!

Sam | Away She Went said...

I absolutely love the fabric that you picked for the drapes! I really want to replace the drapes in my living room with that fabric. Looking forward to seeing what color you end up picking for the walls.

Rachel Shingleton said...

Those drapes are gorgeous. Love the fabric!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Your curtains look SO beautiful Katie!! I love them!! And the rods, finials and rings! You are amazing that you made those so perfectly!

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