Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Post Baby Hair Faves On Sale

Let's talk about hair products shall we? Let me first start out with some complaining, ha. My baby girl is almost a whole eleven sweet months old, and I am very much fighting the post pregnancy hair slump. I am at the phase of a bunch of new hair growth right around my hairline, which means flyaways- lots of them! And they drive me absolutely nuts. Dependent on the weather, some days they cooperate with the rest of my hair, and some days they have their own agenda and I cannot get them to do anything that looks good! So frustrating! So I really enjoy good hair days...don't we all?

I loved this photo of us, but you can definitely see my new little flyaway bangs!

Anyway, I wanted to talk about some of my favorites that I have found over the last year- not just for post baby hair, but really great products that I will be using a long time! Important to note- these are on sale for a few days at Sephora if you are a beauty insider! 15% off beauty products is so exciting to me since usually you don't catch them on sale.

 First off is my favorite tool ever!! The T3 Styling Wand. I realize it is quite the pretty penny but you will love your curls, I swear. I am so impressed I would really like to own the hair dryer and straightener from T3 as well. They will be on my long term wish list.

My current hair care regimen is washing every other day to 2 days. It's taken me and my hair a long time to get used to this, but it is so much better for my hair after lots of heat and color treatment. Before I dry it, I run this Moroccanoil Treatment through it - nothing too close to the scalp. This oil smells amazing and somehow it is all my curly hair needs to blow dry it out straight. The less product I use before blow drying means the better my hair will look next day. A lot of times I end up showering later in the day when kids are napping and I don't even touch it with any other heat until the next day. I think it helps for it to be completely dry when straightening to prevent further damage!

On the days I need Dry Shampoo, I alternate between Dry Shampoo Light Tones and Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo I think the Living Proof adds more volume and really freshens your hair up. The Moroccanoil just again, smells so darn good. I think it works really well for freshening up, and also comes in two tones for your hair- light or dark.

For smoothing the flyaways and also creating shiny waves, I turn to this cream. I love the way this product works! It instantly adds shine and smoothing to my ends. It is amazing and lasts a long time.

For hairspray, again I am loving this Moroccanoil spray. Again- that scent!! I know it probably sounds like an endorsement for them, but I promise I only wish so. I love spraying it on!! I usually spray my curls after curling, then brush through. Highly recommend it!

My dream team below..haha.

So those are my current hair faves for this hot mess express hair of mine. I would love to hear your favorite products, especially anything that might help in the post-baby hair department. I've heard good things about vitamins for hair, but honestly I gave that a go and never stuck with it. I take daily vitamins anyway and the gummies left a weird aftertaste in my mouth!

Anything you are picking up at the sale?

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According to Jax said...

I've been a wash-my-hair-EVERYDAY type of girl for ever!!! I would even sometimes wash my hair twice if I was going out at night. (once in the morning before work, and once at night before going out!) Crazy!!! I just recently trained my hair to be washed every other day and I'm loving it. Mainly for time reasons, but I'm sure my hair will thank me one day. I still put heat on it every day, but its still better than what I was doing before. Thanks for sharing your suggestions, I'll have to look into them because all I use is dry shampoo and that's all.