Thursday, April 20, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week Three Blue and White Dining Room

Welcome back for week three of the One Room Challenge! Thanks for joining me. For this time around, I am making over our dining room with a blue and white design in mind. Here is a little background:

Week One
Week Two

If you are new here, I'm Katie and I am a wife, mother of two, living on the coast of North Carolina. We bought our current home in October, did some initial upgrades, moved into the house December. I am really just catching my breath from the move. We might never move again :) Our house is a two story white colonial, black shutters, timeless design and layout. We are settled in pretty well but none of the house is "done" if you know what I mean. Everything is kind of 50% there...we still have a stack of pictures in our living room waiting to be hung, hardly any drapes hanging on the walls, and little projects in each room to be completed. I chose the dining room because it has taken on it's own little path of actually getting somewhere and I want to go ahead and cross this one off the list. If you know me, you are familiar with my love for mixing traditional and modern design, touches of vintage/antiques, fresh flowers, and a healthy dose of blue and white.

To get us all on the same page, here is the punch list:

-Caulk and paint trim (a doozie...dentil moulding) in progress
-New window shades (these are terrible mini blinds)
-Hang new drapes!
-Paint walls (I'm thinking an icy blue OR a stencil. Is stenciling still in??)  in progress!
-Paint nightstand-ish piece of furniture
-Decide on chandelier  in progress!
-Fix the table/lamp/art situation
-Flank china cabinet with mirrors?
-Remove door to room
And what happened this week? I did a fun little update to our chandelier and started painting and caulking. Let's start with the chandelier! I know many people would toss this brass beauty to the side and opt for something more modern and I totally get that. For some reason I had this inkling to hang on to it but it needed some updating. Let's also not skip over the fact that this is a lot more cost efficient and also less of a headache to get my husband to hang a new light fixture. One of his all time favorite tasks (right up there with painting the walls on a Wednesday night at 9:30 pm, thats another story)...

For this update, I wanted to add strands of crystals and also some pendants that would hang down like a typical chandelier has. I needed a way to attach everything so I bought this tarnish free brass wire from Hobby Lobby and made my own jump rings. You need something to use as a mandrel of sorts, and this Sharpie pen was the perfect size. Also, grab your wire cutters.

By the way, I think the crystals are a great quality with lots of sparkle!

I found the easiest way was to wrap the wire up tight next to the cap so it has a resting point. Wrap a few times until you get a nice tight circle and clip!

Easy jump rings! From then you just attach the rings to the place on your chandelier. I had leftover pendants from previous chandeliers that I went ahead and added across the bottom row. 

I ordered a few more strands of crystals and I am adding another row to the top. My Mom also has some vintage crystals that might be added to the mix or replace the pendants you currently see. Such a fun update. I love that the light catches on them and brings a whole new look to this brass beauty! 

Just yesterday we started painting the walls. My toddler has been on Spring Break this week so in other words, it was hard to get much done. I think I got a solid 20 minutes of painting in yesterday during nap time! I barely convinced my sweet husband to join me to get our first coat on the walls late last night. Thank you honey. Husbands are such willing and excited volunteers for the ORC!

I love the brass and the blue together!

And here is a fun fact...we have a central vac system, which is great, but the house came with these old yellowish plate covers. I was two seconds away from ordering a new cover and decided to put a coat of wall paint on it. Everything still needs another coat, but oh my gosh, what a better look for these vacuum plates! Ahh!

And just as a refresher, this is the paint swatch "Lily White" with our drapery fabric.

So not a ton of progress, but definitely headed in the right direction! The plan this week is to finish painting, add the additional crystals to the chandelier, and make some decisions on furniture and accessories. Still so much to do!

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Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

I'm still so in love with that curtain fabric (and wall color) that I can't even take it! I have GOT to incorporate it somehow into our home! LOVE! Happy Monday friend! xo

Homespun by Laura said...

The new paint looks great, and I can't get over those crystals. Our chandelier is almost identical to yours, and I'm so tempted to order some crystals right this minute!