Thursday, March 24, 2016

This and That

A few things around here lately...

I got these {maternity} shorts from Loft and they are amaze {shop them regular size here!} I mean, I usually wouldn't even wear black shorts, and I love them! They are a flattering fit that is smooth and a great length- not too short, and not awkward long. They are 30% off and sizes are selling fast! I went to buy the coral as well and they were already sold out in my size. Shorts are so hard to find, and I usually just throw in the towel before finding a pair I actually like. Side note, I also got this sweet ruffle top, and this shirt I mentioned in this post. Both are keepers and great deals! 

Shown below in the regular/non-maternity version:

I made this cake last night! It was news to me that Krispy Kreme made a cake mix- my parents brought it in town after hearing about it, and after they couldn't find it in the grocery store my Dad actually purchased it on Amazon. I'm guessing it's more expensive online than if your grocery store carries it, but it was fun to try it out! My opinion on the cake- tasted so great! Super easy to make and just enough sweet with the glaze. I don't think it was identical to a KK donut, but it is a cake, afterall. And I would bet it would be perfect with morning coffee/tea! Yum. I think it would be fun to bring to a shower/luncheon...not only is it delicious but also, something to chat about!

The drapes for Weeks' new room are coming along- basically I have to hem them and we are done! The rods came and I love the finish- they are matching up perfectly with the brass campaign hardware on the ikea rast hack. I will have those reveals next week for ya!


Chasity Munn said...

Those are the rods I got for our new baby's room, too! Thanks for the rec on those shorts. I hardly ever wear shorts but maxi dresses are just too cumbersome in this heat and I can't find any short dresses that aren't too short with this bump. Going to check out the shorts now!

Melissa Fitch said...

I saw the Krispy Kreme mix at the store the other day and have been debating going back for it ever since...might have to give it a try. Happy Friday!

miss andrea lee said...

Can't wait to see the curtains! Those rods are gorgeous.