Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pregnancy Exercise: What Works For Me

There have been some similarities and lots of differences in my pregnancy with Weeks vs. my pregnancy with baby girl. I don't necessarily believe that boys make a pregnancy one way, or girls another, but I tend to just think they are all different! With Weeks, I had a few weeks of being tired but for the majority of the pregnancy I was abounding with energy and was pretty darn good about working out regularly. 

This time, baby girl is waving her finger at me saying "uh uh Momma" every time I turn around. For the first few months I was so sick. It started out with allergies and morphed into a horrendous sinus infection. After about 7 weeks of misery, I was finally awarded with an antibiotic that felt like a trophy to me. During that time, working out was at a bare minimum which was hard on me because I love to be active and exercise. It has been a normal part of my day for so long I cannot remember, I just feel better and for the most part, enjoy it! I've had a few other little pit stops along the way that have slowed me down, not to mention tending to a toddler which of course I didn't have the first time around! Taking care of another human being plus the one in your belly is exhausting! I have no idea on Earth how my Mom did this with four kids! 

Anyway, I wanted to share what maternity exercises I have enjoyed each pregnancy and a few others that I have heard of. With Weeks I gained around 23 pounds and lost almost all the weight within about 4 weeks, which was a total surprise. I was also pumping most of those 4 weeks around the clock, which I would give credit to the quick weight loss! After the weight loss, I was still not in pre-baby shape and I worked hard to get more toned. This time I think I gained a few more pounds earlier on and then evened out to where I am tracking somewhere along the same lines as my first pregnancy. I rarely weigh myself except at doctor visits and occasionally in between. Having a bathroom renovation has kept the scale out of sight! 

Workout Schedule with Weeks:
Pure Barre Prenatal One 2-3 times a week
Walking or Elliptical Machine 30-40 minutes/ 2-3 times a week

I was faithful to my PB workout for my first pregnancy and definitely thought it helped keep my body toned under all the fluff of pregnancy. It was a challenging workout, to be sure, but not overboard. I alternated my video with early morning trips to the gym or long evening walks with the dogs.

Workout Schedule with Baby Girl:
10 Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates {40 minutes total} 2 times a week
Walking or Elliptical 30-45 minutes/ 2-3 times a week

Besides my energy level, I would say the biggest difference in this pregnancy vs. my pregnancy with Weeks has been my body re-adjusting to the growing baby. Maybe because I am three years older this time around or maybe it is like my doctor warned me: your body remembers being pregnant and to expect a few more aches and pains with the second. I totally did not take that warning seriously! For the last half of the first trimester and to the middle of the second, my body totally felt the growing pains. I was uncomfortable sleeping and I had low back pain. I am happy that I found the pilates workout because the stretching and toning is really phenomenal {my exaggeration, but it really has made me feel SO much better} If you are having a hard time sleeping or having back pain, try this workout because it was a game changer for me when I was going through a rough patch! It is divided into 5 10 minute segments, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to do if you are low on time. I usually do 40 minutes because I have a hard time wanting to workout longer or don't have the time! I also stream it on my Roku via Amazon, so it is a breeze to click on. We have a treadmill upstairs that I run up to squeeze in several times a week first thing in the morning, unless the weather is nice and Weeks and I go walking.

A few other workouts I have heard about, but have not tried:

I am going to try this soon actually! My Mom and sister do their workouts regularly and I am wanting to try something new, within reason.

I have used her other workouts before but not the prenatal version. Anyone had success with it?

Another barre workout that has had good reviews. Anyone tried this?

What are your favorites if you have been/are pregnant? I exercise to make my body feel good, and that is genuinely the biggest benefit to me. I have to say that the combination of low impact cardio and a toning workout is what I have found to keep my body in the best shape. Every pregnancy is different, every body is different...and just remember what amazing thing your body is doing while pregnant! So worth it:)  

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