Saturday, March 11, 2017

Easy Beach Coverups

beach coverups

We are on vacation next week {YAY} and coverups have been on the brain. Even though it's still a little early to be needing them, I have learned the good ones sell out fast and early in the season. So go ahead and find your favorites and don't wait! I regret it every time I do! Also, a requirement for me is it has to be EASY. No mess, and fuss. Something I can be getting up and down in out of my beach chair and be totally comfortable when it is 100 degrees. Most of these are well under $50, one under $80 full price {but on sale makes it much less!}. Happy Saturday y'all! 

PS- This coverup is a little more, but I can justify that for one really cute coverup a year. Stephen asked if I wanted anything new for our trip {husband of the year!!} and I quickly responded with this baby. Let's see if he pulled the trigger ;)

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