Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Shed Makeover Progress

How is it Wednesday already? I forgot to fill in over the weekend on instagram {@missdixie30} what we spent most of our weekend doing. The husband had plans for us to paint the shed, the last of the exterior painting to be done! {I also shared a while back that we painted our brick house white. I haven't gotten around to posting the final pics but I will do that soon}. I was actually pretty excited about painting our old shed after posting this inspiration. We are about half way finished and I can't wait to see it done once we have more time on the weekend! 

BEFORE {prior to move in}


Here you can see the shed primed. And what a pain that was. When we first started painting it we were using a normal roller and had to cut in the cracks that are sort of like vertical planks. After the cutting in was taking forever, Stephen suggested I spray it instead, which worked like a charm. {I love my sprayer that I used to paint our bathroom cabinets!!}

So far, we have painted the front with the final coat, in Swiss Coffee, and I've started to add the black trim. We also tried using a roller meant for brick, which is has a high nap and got into all of those vertical cracks. What a time saver! What are your thoughts on the black window boxes? I think once its all done the window boxes will look good in the black. 

I would love to make the window casings brass...wouldn't that be sooo good? Would spray paint work for that? And on the barn doors, we are looking for a brass barrel bolt for closure. We are doing brass accents on our house, so it will tie together.

Still to do...
-A new light would be amazing
-Landscape on right side of shed {we have pulled out most of the old wax myrtles}
-Finish painting
-Find brass hardware

What do you think? Better black and white?


megan said...

Definitely vote black! It's so cute!

Caroline {Virginia Sweet} said...

lovin the black!! The green plants and the black boxes really make the shed pop!!!

ChalkSouthernToMe said...

I love it! It looks great! Xo, Stephanie

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Much better! Great work!