Friday, June 26, 2015

Three Ideas for Dressing for the Fourth!

It is no secret I love the Fourth of July. It's always been such a fun holiday for me and I love the great memories that I have in my mind from years past. I love summertime food, easy styles and the celebrations that surround this holiday. Since I can't help but love this holiday, I had a blast putting some fashion ideas together... 

Fourth Style
magensia strapless dress {on sale} / arrowprint dress {on sale} / zig zag shell / twist back dress

Love all of these dresses for throwing on to get ready for a cookout or hanging out on the porch, patio....beach at sunset. One thing is for sure, when we have had a heatwave for practically two weeks, I am reaching in my closet for only the easiest and coolest clothing I can find! These all fit the bill.

dressed up or down

silk drawstring dress / sashi fringe sandal / wedge sandal / fiona thong sandal

Being an NC State fan, I know how hard it is to find pretty red tops and dresses. Seriously, it's an issue! You would not think it would be hard, but it is. I love this silk dress that you could dress up or down. I may or may not be obsessed with those tassel heels. I have had my eye on those flip flops for months and now they are on sale! And the wedge is perfect for not being too tall and needing a teensy bit of height.

loungewear and accessories
 striped shorts and top / chambray fedora {on sale!}

And, last but not least, some of my favorite items! The loungewear you change into after you have washed off all the sunscreen and salt, and are ready to curl up on the sofa {in the AC!!} and just feel good. And I threw in some extra cute accessories too. Don't get me started on that fedora....

What are you thinking about wearing next week? I'm hoping to have some time to pull together some more Fourth inspired posts so stay tuned!
Have a great weekend!! 

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Madeline {Poppy Style} said...

I love 4th of July!! But doubt we'll do anything this year- just WAY too hot out for me being this pregnant. But I am loving that lounge wear! So many cute finds.