Monday, January 19, 2015

Magazine Subscriptions: My Faves

I've recently taken the plunge and subscribed to several magazines that have a sneaky way of jumping in my grocery cart...thus tacking on anywhere from $5-$15 in one visit. Really, it is so silly for me to be spending that much money on magazines, when I could subscribe and get a whole years worth for a substantially less amount of money.

BHG $5.99 for 12 months // $0.50 an issue // One of my absolute favorites!

Garden and Gun $19.99 for 12 months // $3.33 an issue // For you and the husband

Coastal Living $10 for 10 months // $1 an issue // I especially enjoy reading in the winter months

Southern Living $19.95 for 13 issues // $1.53 an issue // You cannot beat Southern Living. It's a must!

HGTV Magazine $19.99 for 12 months // $2.00 an issue // One of my new favorites

Southern Lady $22.98 for 12 months // $3.28 an issue // A little less known but FULL of great content

What are your favorites? And do you subscribe?


A Simple Southern Life said...

This post has me wanting to subscribe to at least 3 or more magazines. Right now I only have a subscription to Southern Living but I would love to add Garden and Gun, Southern Lady and Better Homes and Gardens to the list. It is a much better deal than buying them individually!

Kate said...

I love reading Coastal Living & HGTV!! Funny how they just happen to sneak into the cart :) Can't get over how much of a deal they are- definitely looking into that!

Courtney W. said...

I am such a magazine addict - my two current favorites are Real Simple and Southern Living. I should probably just subscribe to the HGVT magazine because it always seems to jump in my cart when I'm grocery shopping!

Jennifer Miller said...

You have all three of my top favs! Small everyday treats indeed. And isn't the Jan cover of BH&G beautiful? I keep admiring it.

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

My absolute faves are Traditional Home and House Beautiful! We also get Garden & Gun each month and love reading that! I will have to check out Southern Lady!