Thursday, August 21, 2014

Prepping for Fall



Some of my favorite looks for fall are leaning very preppy and cozy. It's easy to coordinate and mix and match when you have a great set of basic sweaters and blouses. I pulled together some of my favorites after browsing the mall this weekend for ya.

I fell in love with this shirttail sweater in J.Crew. It is the perfect red, am I right? That pretty shade of red is SO hard to find. I also really like it in indigo. The famous swing sweater is on sale for a short time. I love it in light wisteria, crushed grape, and turquoise melange. And this zip tunic sweatshirt is so calling my name. I love that you can wear a different shirt underneath to change the look, keep it polished but casual. Layer it with a top like this (on sale!) or this (non- iron! bless!).

Pair these with a chic handbag and flats/pumps- good to go. Quick and easy- what I need.

What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?


Nat said...

Love all of these looks! I'm really into leggings and oversized sweaters for fall. Now I just need the weather to cool off!

pam {simple details} said...

Perfect, Katie! I love that first look, it won't be long! :) I

Natasha said...

BOOTS AND SCARVES!!!!!!! and eating as many soups and chilis and drinking PSL every single day (easy to please, right??)

Caroline {Virginia Sweet} said...

yes to all! preppy and cozy pretty much sums up my fall and winter wardrobe.... Love that you posted this...can't wait to feel that chill crisp fall air! xoxo