Thursday, August 14, 2014

$20 Renovation Challenge / Thoughts on Thursday

Today I'm linking up with  Annie and Natalie for Thoughts on Thursday, and I'm discussing something that popped in my mind last week. Our spending lately has been way more than what we would like it to be, and it's all being poured into the four walls of our house. There have been far too many times we have gone to Lowe's for "just a few things" and left with $200 less in our wallets. Or, even worse when you make multiple trips in a week, totaling way more! Trust me, I knew things were going to be like this when we bought the house. I know old houses give you literally, a run for your money. I expected it.

On top of that, we had our first big unexpected renovation fix this week. All of our AC units are in good condition and have been somewhat recently updated. Which confused me why I kept smelling a mildewy smell in our bathroom when the air came on. To make a long story short, after cleaning the units and so on, we decided to have our 40 year duct work replaced. Once the mildew smell went away it left behind a musty smell in a few spots that we weren't willing to deal with. And since we had so much work done in the house (read: dust, dust, dust) before we moved in, I almost feel better that those vents are going to be brand spanking new. So thats a big expense we are taking on!

Which leads me to our challenge for the next month: we are limiting ourselves to $20 and under purchases for the house. We aren't going to set a limit of how many we can have in a week, this is to reign in spending altogether, and force ourselves to finish up what we have sitting around the house. I think it is going to make us take a closer look at what we spend on instead of tossing things in the cart that might not get finished that week. So all purchases will be those that are necessary. Maybe make myself more creative with what I have sitting around in the mean time!

I plan on keeping a list of all the projects we complete and will update throughout the month....If you want to join in (even if you aren't renovating) on spending $20 or less make sure to use the hashtag #the20dollarchallenge and tag me @missdixie30 on instagram! I am so looking forward to seeing how much we can accomplish on a budget (a word I used to be afraid of!)

And don't forget to link up your Thoughts on Thursday :)

Thoughts for Thursday


Morgan S. said...

Cool idea! I will have to do some projects!
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The Reedy Review said...

Love this idea! I'd love to play along on IG. The gears are already turning in my mind....

Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

Great idea! We have been in the same boat with all the reno work we've been doing during the past 6 months and I'm telling you- I feel like we could OWN Lowe's! I'm looking forward to following along with this!

Pris said...

Love this idea.. I am guilty of the same thing when it comes to our house and I, too, have a lot of unfinished projects laying around! Time to get to work!

Nat said...

This is such a good idea!! We've been the same way with our house lately. I swear I never spend less than $100 every time I walk into Home Depot-it's the Target for my home projects!