Wednesday, June 7, 2017

April Date Night

I know I am way behind on my date night recaps...this one is taking us all the way back to early April, which we doubled up to celebrate our seventh anniversary as well. We were in desperate need of a night off of duty and so we asked my in laws to watch the kids for a night. We were thrilled we could go out for dinner ANd stay the night at my parent's beach house. Such a good decision! It was the perfect little staycation that gave us some much needed relaxation. To start off, it was a beautiful Spring night with a little bit of warmth from the sun and a pretty sunset. I think so far we have always had nice evenings to celebrate our anniversary dinner...which is such a nice reminder of our beautiful wedding day. I can still feel how perfect that whole week felt!

We went back to our favorite restaurant for dinner, City Kitchen, and since I have already recapped their wonderful food here I won't focus on that too much for y'all. Once again, my date had flowers waiting on the table. A girl could get used to that!

The appetizer sampler is everything I love on one plate. 

Karen always knows what chardonnay to recommend for us!

Happy Seven Years to us!

The best place to catch a sunset!

It was SO nice to sleep in (sleeping in these days is anything past 6:30 am), drink coffee on the porch and just do nothing. I sat outside for hours that morning just sitting! Literally, doing nothing. We also took the dogs on a walk on the beach, which they loved. It was fun for them to get some one on one time since they are big brothers and sisters full time now.

Find my favorite jean shorts here. I received a new camera for Christmas which is what I used on on a lot of these photos on the beach and at the restaurant. It's not super fancy, it fits in my purse and it takes great photos on the go of people. I have really enjoyed it and look forward to learning more about it over time! This is the newest version of my other camera, which I love!

 Before we headed home, we stopped by our favorite little dive- Shark Shack, to bring home lunch for the family. It is a great place to indulge in some fried seafood, my favorite being the grouper wrap or the shrimp burger.

It was a few minutes before 12:00 noon and we got a wild hair and ordered 2 coronas while we waited on our lunch. We typically don't indulge in beverages on Sunday at lunch, but this was a fun treat. I really don't ever drink beer- but that Corona was mighty good!

It was the perfect little staycation and I am scheming our next one already!

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Owen Davis @ Davis Duo said...

So fun!! That pimento cheese at city kitchen is my FAVORITE!