Monday, November 21, 2016

Christmas Inspiration - Colonial Style

I know, we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week and I will celebrate rightfully so. But, you can't deny that we are headed full throttle for Christmas. I want everyone to take a deep breath because no matter what, y'all are way ahead of the game than me. I have a kitchen and living room to unpack first, THEN I can unpack some Christmas decor. No, it's not that I have done everything else and those are the last two rooms. I just decided thats all we need {minus bedroom setups} in order to be set for Christmas. It is my very realistic approach to the holidays this year :)

So, to catch you up to speed...our new house is a white colonial with black shutters {actually they are a hint of that Williamsburg green but read black} with traditional landscaping. The inside has gorgeous pine floors throughout most of the house. We are fixing up the kitchen to a modernized white, clean kitchen with traditional elements like a brick floor, soft brass accents. The living room is right off the kitchen, along with a little dinette. Not sure if it is my mother wearing off on me but I swear I am leaning so far towards the traditional spectrum about 80% of the time, but then I add my touch to keep it perfectly modern. Everything that is old is new again, that is the saying right? Anyway, my house may not be decorated for Christmas until late maybe I will just post on here the inspiration I come across!

All images via Midwest Living

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Susan Hillmann said...

Definitely my style :) Love all of these pictures!