Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This + That and Sale Finds

A few odds and ends for ya, since that is the way my brain is functioning early this morning :) 

I have a yummy recipe coming your way this week - something we have made over and over again this summer. We have found several go-to recipes that I have down pat now, it's nice to take the question out of dinner time and just have those recipes I can easily turn to! So excited to share this one!

I am trying to keep Frances Ann on a schedule through the day {via Moms on Call}...some days this is fairly simple and then other days this sweet little princess wants to march to her own beat! Girlfriend has an appetite that is bigger than her belly! I would love to hear anyones experience with Moms on Call since we did no sort of schedule with Weeks. It eases my mind with two if we have a schedule I can rely on, which is why I am giving it a shot. She has always been a pretty good sleeper through the night, and lately even given us a few nights sleeping in until 6/6:30 which has been amazing. Most nights she is stirring by 4:30...so after that I debate on going back to sleep or getting the day started. Most days, sleep wins. But boy do I look forward to a night full of sleep again! She is a total sweetheart though and we are so blessed by her and Weeks.

what mornings look like around here- in our jammies! {PJ's}

I snapped these yesterday- she turned 2 months this past week!

bow and headband, Little Giraffe blanket via Dee Gee's {you can call for ordering}

Sadly enough, so many of my favorite finds from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale have already sold out, but I am linking them below in case they restock! Seeing outfits on {no matter how crappy the photo!} helps me so much more than what I see on the website. My apologies for these quick photos- no makeup, hair is not ideal, but that is life these days! 

I am literally in workout clothes at least half of the day and then after a shower I either change into clean work out clothes or I actually get dressed. {#reallife} I swear by Zella leggings- they suck you in and look good after years of washing. Can't say enough good things about them. This top is actually from Gap but it's a new favorite. You tie the back in a knot or you can leave it open. It's a fun twist on a fitness top.

I added another plaid shirt to my fall arsenal. I love the tunic length of this one and how it is fairly thin {not too thin} making it lay nicely. Most of the year we don't need heavy flannels anyway, so I will be able to wear this one early fall. I can't say enough good things about my new jeans! I let them air dry but I think I will put them in the dryer the next time I wash them since there is a little bit of room in them. It feels so good to be in normal jeans again, btw. Also, you should keep an eye for sizes being restocked on the flats because they are amazing. Really comfy and so fun.

Paige denim // B.P Plaid Tunic Shirt {other colors available}  // Halogen Tie Up Flats

I really hope they restock this sweater because it is amazing! I linked it below anyway, just in case! It is incredibly soft and feels like a great quality. I love the color. I will live in it! I just left the same jeans and flats on as above to try the sweater on with it. 

Don't laugh at my leggings below :) Call this the most random purchase of all time but I really wanted to try these denim leggings. Sounds so tacky! They are definitely a denim feel with a slight stretch to them, and for $25 I was willing to give them a shot. I love the color and will strictly wear them with longer tops and probably boots. If you want to try the colored denim trend this is an inexpensive way to do it! Just don't think they are going to pass for a pair of jeans, think of them as a legging.

You can shop the items here too:

Hope you have a great start to your week!


Megan Parker said...

I have followed the Moms on Call schedule with my twin boys and loved it! We are still following it now at 10 months. I highly recommend because it does make life easier having some idea of how things are "supposed" to go for the day. I will say more days than not my boys stuck to this. Love that sweater, I hope they restock it!

Sarah said...

Loved Mom's On Call! We have followed it since my son was born (he is now 21 months). He started sleeping through the night at 3 months and we are planning to follow it again with baby boy #2 due in October! I feel it has made him a great sleeper at home, vacations or schedule hiccups can make it a little wild. But I will still trade sleeping through the night at home for some lack of flexibility on vacations or while travelling.