Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Body After Baby

Several weeks ago I was cleared for resuming exercise, something I have been looking forward to and also, not looking forward to at the same time! At 30 weeks, I was put on modified bed rest after having several contractions in an hour during a non-stress test. So, needless to say, it has been quite a while since I worked out- the longest stretch I have ever gone before! I have to say, I really didn't miss it while I was pregnant. It was more of a relief that I had the perfect excuse not to incorporate a 30-60 minute workout session into my day. Instead, I spent time with Weeks, lounged, worked from my computer, decorated a nursery, RESTED and prepared for our baby girl's arrival.

Fast forward to one month post partum, I was really getting the itch to add back some physical activity. At that point I still had about 10-12 pounds to lose, and I was more than ready to kiss them goodbye. {For this pregnancy I gained about 25 pounds, with Weeks I gained somewhere around 23 I believe}. I wasn't really sure what kind of workouts I wanted to go for, but I ended up trying out barre3 which has been very enjoyable for me. I was a little hesitant on how out of shape I was, but I am happy to say it has been ok on me and each workout has plenty of modifications if needed. Holding a full arm plank is the area that could use the most improvement at this point! I am also adding in the occasional treadmill session to change it up. I would love to take the kids for long walks but it is just so dang hot outside, that isn't happening for any of us. I am much looking forward to that capability come fall and cooler temps. I can already tell some differences in my muscle tone with three weeks of barre and I am thrilled over that!

I would love to hear how other Mama's got back into shape after baby and how long it took. I know it is a delicate balance if you are nursing/pumping with your food consumption, and there really is no bargaining there. Most days I am absolutely starving by meal times so I am adding in protein snacks in between {a must for me!} and giving my body what it needs.

You can sign up for barre 3 online classes here. The online workouts are my best option right now as I am squeezing them in as children allow, right in the comfort of my own home. You also get the luxury of choosing the length and area of focus for each workout, and there are so many to choose from. It's really been nice for options. PS- I am in no way being sponsored by barre3, just sharing my experience. I also purchased this workout on amazon which is done by the creator of barre3, which I absolutely love and can flip on with my Roku. Not only is it a fabulous workout, but the setting is beautiful and sort of "takes me away" for that session, if you know what I mean. 

Here are some of my workout faves since they are big inspiration to get myself moving!

wrap hoodie is this not so cute! // shorts because we will be wearing shorts in NC for quite a while // hooded jacket a great layering piece for early fall // nikes love this colorway and it's a great time to purchase // leggings mentioned these must haves plenty of times, they are the BEST // high waist crops I love the fun print on these // sunglasses polarized and chic for outdoor activities

work out


Kelly said...

I love barre3!!! I discovered them last summer when Lilly was 3 months old and I had technically lost the baby weight but was not remotely toned / shapely. It took a good half year of dedication but by this summer I was feeling confident and fit and honestly, better than my pre-pregnancy "normal." Breastfeeding has helped exponentially too - I'm still BF her (at 15mo), and my pregnancy kickstarted Type 1 diabetes for me, so I have had to eat low carb and high protein since I was 6wks postpartum. That combo helped me this first go-around. I'm now newly pregnant, super nauseous, and verrrrry curious as to see how the second time goes. I can only imagine it gets harder!!! You got this, mama!!! Love all your insight on motherhood the second time around! (I also stalk your maternity fashion posts from Weeks & Frances Ann!

Ashley Carole (Sweet Carolina Belle) said...

I am 5 months post-partum and just now feeling like myself. You are completely right that you must have a combo of eating right and exercise to make a change in your body! Prior to baby I did Barre but had a hard time getting to class after baby because of childcare. I have been going to bootcamp classes which has childcare and am loving it. Staying at home with her is hard some days and it is nice to have that 45 minutes of me time each day.

Megan said...

Thank you for sharing this; I can't wait to check it out! I was just cleared for exercise and want to find something to squeeze in at home. I have been loving Robin Long's pilates workouts on youtube for something quick and easy. I am also feeing like adding any exercise is just making me that much more hungry and will be looking forward to gaining a balance! xx

Jennifer Miller said...

What kind of protein bars are your fav? I'm always trying to find a new yummy one. Thanks!

carbon 38 said...

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Penguin said...

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