Monday, July 18, 2016

Top Beauty Picks #Nsale

Who is having so much fun with the #nsale? {Who is tired of hearing that hashtag!? haha!} Every chance I get I find myself scrolling the pages to see what I have missed and what is still out there that is a must! Keeps me awake during our middle of the night feeding session too :) I always pick up a few things during the sale for beauty items- prices are just so good...and I do love a price break on beauty products!
beauty picks

I have been wanting to get my hands on a bkr bottle set, and this is a heck of a deal! I'm drinking a ton of water these days and any little push to do so more helps!

 I mention this whish body gel every year! It's a tried and true fave! I'm happy this year it comes as a stand alone bottle vs. a set, since the body wash is my favorite product. At this price it isn't much more than Dove body wash! 

This is another tried and true fave- philosophy set. The scent cannot be topped and makes a great gift. 

You must try rose salve, it is a beauty staple and you could divide this set up with sisters or friends! 

Lancome mascara is always one of my favorites in the department store arena. The quality and results speak for themselves! This lancome mascara set is a great buy! 

 My favorite perfumes in a set: jo malone set. This is the perfect set that you can layer, wear alone and have so much fun with!! 

This would be a new purchase for me, but I have heard nothing but 5 stars for this blending set.

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