Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Years Eve!

Happy New Years Eve everyone!! 

Now that NYE is officially here, I am busy planning what we will cook tomorrow. I love planning a little menu for a special day and as I mentioned, Stephen will be helping cook as well! He is looking for a beef briscuit today, but if he can't find one we will be doing smoked pork. I think I will make this dip for our black eyed pea fix, serve the fondue {how cute are the skewers above!} and then also make my favorite crock pot macaroni and cheese {I found the recipe in a magazine on our honeymoon and it's always a hit!} We also need some collards so that will be part of the menu as well. 

As of right now we actually don't even have a reservation for tonight {whoops!} so we might end up eating at Stephen's parents. I'm sure Weeks will be happier not being at a restaurant anyway, so that will be just fine. I'm looking forward to celebrating with my sweet, sweet boys and I hope we all have a wonderful, wonderful 2015. 

Cheers to you all! 


Zelle B. said...

Happy New Year! Enjoy tonight!
xo Southern Style

Molly said...

Happy New Year's! Your menu for tomorrow sounds delish.