Monday, December 29, 2014

Cashing in on gift cards + Customer Service

Well hey everyone! Welcome back. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas with all of your loved ones. We had a busy, whirlwhind time but it sure was nice. We spent the first half with Stephen's family and the latter with mine. Yesterday I spent all day taking down Christmas decorations and attempted to get them in better order for an easier time next year. More on all of that later, I'm sure!

If you are like me you might have a gift card or two burning a whole in your pocket. I am a huge fan of gift cards. A lot of times I love to browse but hesitate on pulling the trigger when it's something for me. Usually I have to have some sort of incentive, like a sale and free shipping to really entice me! But, when you have a sweet little gift card in your wallet, it makes it a little easier to splurge and buy yourself something.

I actually have a gift card from J.Crew that I received from a return that I have been waiting to use. One note on J.Crew's customer service: I was thoroughly impressed. My Mom bought my sister and I a beautiful pair of boots about a year ago. I know when I first wore them that the lining felt a tad off- it felt like on one boot it would slide down making it very hard for my foot to even get in the boot. I kind of forgot about it since we have a short boot season from here on {I probably wear boots for the last time early March!} Fast forward to about a month ago...I was once again trying to get my boots on and was practically breaking into a sweat trying to get my foot inside the boot. The lining was now sliding all the way down making it impossible to wear them. I tried taking them to a shoe repair, no I took a chance and emailed J.Crew. Pretty much no questions asked, they would take the boots back. We just had to find our order receipt and they would issue a return. I was shocked! So here I am, looking at buying another pair of shoes that I have heard wonderful reviews on. {at least I know they stand behind the product if I have a problem!} Do you own them? I am leaning towards the pretty white pair. I think they feel fresh for the New Year and could brighten up a dark/black outfit!


Wishing you all a happy Monday as we get back into the swing of things!

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Abigail Kornegay said...

These are my favorite ballet flats hands down!! So comfy and they go with everything!!