Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Recent Foodie Faves II

Today I'm sharing a few recent foodie faves that I will most definitely be making again. For a while, it seemed like every new recipe went down in the book as mediocre and I had no desire to make them again. I hate that! Lots of big let downs, nothing too bad, just nothing exciting. Not these however.

I love a good piece of quiche, don't you? I loved the feta mixed in this one. I decided to make mine with a crust (store bought) because I really like the bottom of the quiche to have a little crust.


So I saw a recipe on pinterest that inspired my recipe, and I just broke it down to make it very, very simple and very, very good. We took a boat cruise for Stephen's 30th and brought dinner on board. This was one of my apps that I brought. I didn't expect it to be a big hit but everyone raved about it. Since we had bought extra ingredients, we had them again on Sunday night. (chili cheese fries two days in a row! our taste buds were shocked when we had kale for lunch on monday!)

-1 Bag Frozen Sweet Potato Fries
-1 Can Hormel Chili (no beans)
-Shredded Cheddar Cheese
-Salt and Pepper to taste

Season fries with salt and pepper and cook according to package directions. I like mine on the crunchier side, so don't undercook if you are like me. Heat up your chili in a saucepan while the fries cook. Transfer cooked fries to a casserole pan and spoon chili over the top (you won't need the whole can, just add as much to your liking), and add cheddar cheese. Turn your oven off and pop the dish back in the oven until the cheese is melted.

Another recipe I made this week...these black bean quesadillas. We had not had them in forever and they are so, so good. The recipe is for 2 and does not make a lot so double it if anyone plans on eating more than one. Also tried this kale salad and it was amazing!

What are your faves lately?


Jamie @ The Jamie's + 1 said...

I love when you share recipes! I feel like we ALWAYS have the same things at my house so I love trying new things!

megan said...

Huge lover of chili cheese fries here! Never would have thought to put chili on sweet potato fries though, sounds yummy!

Ashley Morris said...

Oh, that kale salad sounds delicious. That sounds delish!